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How Quantum Physics Can Bring You Wealth, Better Health, and More Fulfilling Relationships

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By Kathryn Thomas

Hmmm... Quantum Physics -- sounds like a bunch of complicated scientific and mathematical formulas, doesn't it? Rest assured, there's no math involved, and even though Quantum Physics is a science, you don't need to be any kind of scientist to make it work for you to bring you the life you desire.

What is Quantum Physics?

Simply put, Quantum Physics details the vibrating frequencies of things. Everything on this earth vibrates at certain frequencies, including our thoughts.

Being the emotional creatures that we are, our thoughts with positive emotions vibrate at a different level than our thoughts with negative emotions. Quantum Physics scientists are now able to measure these different vibrations. In addition, they have made some exciting discoveries about how they affect our health, our wealth, our relationships, and many more aspects of our lives!

Quantum Physics And The Law Of Attraction

In the realm of Quantum Physics, there is a Law of Attraction which states: "Like attracts like." This means that your vibrations attract similar vibrations. Positive emotions vibrate at a higher level and negative emotions vibrate at a lower level.

According to the Law of Attraction, when we are sending out "good vibrations" we are also attracting these same higher level vibrations back to us. For example, when we are happy, we attract more happiness to us. Because of these natural laws of Quantum Physics, we are attracting more good things into our lives to be happy about.

On the other hand, when we are sending out "bad vibrations", or the lower level vibrations of the negative emotions, Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction require that more bad things happen to us. Since like attracts like, we are attracting more bad things into our life to feel bad about.

Quantum Physics Is At Work All Around You

You can see Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction working all around you. Don't you know people who seem to live a charmed life? Why do such good things keep happening to them? It's because of the Law of Attraction: they are attracting these good things with their good, higher level vibrations!

Now think of other people you know. There are those who always seem to be in crisis, or depressed. They seem to have bad things happening in their life constantly. Why? Because their negative emotions are constantly attracting more negative things to be upset about.

Quantum Physics is also the reason these sayings are true for most people:

"The rich get richer and the poor get poorer." The rich people attract more riches, and the poor, with worrying about their debt or their poverty, attract more of the same.

"You are what you think." Once again, the laws of Quantum Physics will bring you more of what you think about. The emotions of your thoughts will bring more things into your life to match them. You will attract to you whatever you focus on with great emotion.

Quantum Physics, the Law of Attraction, and YOU!

So this Law of Attraction can bring you both good things or bad things. Which would you prefer? Since it is invariably going to bring them anyway, wouldn't you like to learn how to use it to bring you the things you want?

How can you use Quantum Physics and The Law of Attraction to bring you more money?

Focus on how happy, joyous, proud, elated, etc., you feel when you get money. Reproduce those emotions by remembering the times you attracted money to you, and visualize receiving money right now, in the present. Especially, feel gratitude for having received the money.

Also, give money away, with joy and gratitude for this extra money you have that you can give away. Quantum Physics laws will bring you even more to give away and be thankful for!

How can you use Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction to bring you better health?

Focus, with gratitude, on what is right about your health. Visualize your good health now, and the more good health you want. Avoid focusing on what is wrong with your health.

For example, if you need to reduce pain, don't think about how the pain hurts and how you want relief. Instead, think about the joy of being able to move every which way freely and easily. In the case of disease, you can even visualize the cells in your perfect immune system conquering all the bad cells. You can see the bad cells disappear one by one until they are all gone! Quantum Physics and the law of attraction will bring you more of whichever you are focusing on -- the pain, or the joy. Which do you want?

A good thing to say, and visualize with gratitude, is the generic: "Every day in every way I am getting better and better!" This statement takes your thoughts away from your disease or your pain, and puts your focus, your thoughts, your emotions, and your vibrations at the higher levels -- thus attracting more of the same!

How can you use Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction to bring you better relationships?

If you are single, use Quantum Physics to attract your perfect mate! Focus on feeling the wonderful emotions of being close with someone who has the specific qualities you are searching for. Jack Canfield, author of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series of books, has often commented on how he attracted his perfect wife in this very way -- by focusing on what he wanted!

If you are in a relationship, and want to improve it, use Quantum Physics to bring out what you love about your partner. Avoid any focus on what you don't like about them. Remember, if you focus on what you don't like, it will generate the negative emotions, and that will attract more of the same. Visualize, with great emotion, the things you love about him or her. Feel all the positive emotions of your partner displaying these qualities to you more and more. Since you will attract the same vibrations, the universe and the laws of Quantum Physics will rush to bring you more of what you want to continue these good vibrations! If you and your partner are both focusing on the good in each other, you will find your passion blooming again, and you'll find such joy in your relationship that you never knew could exist! And it's all due to Quantum Physics!

Create The Life You Desire With Quantum Physics

You can use Quantum Physics to bring you almost everything you desire. Practice it, and use it daily. For little things. For big things. Once you bring this technique into your life, Quantum Physics will bring you what you ask for. And it all works by natural laws of the universe. This Law of Attraction has always been here, but only recently have our scientists been able to isolate and measure it. Quantum Physics -- it's for real!

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