Thursday, April 10, 2008

Novelty on the Net

Researchers think they have mapped the traffic patterns of the internet. It shows the ebb and flow of novelty through the medium of the internet. See the article here (fixed!) Typically, websites see low, habitual rates of viewing. That is, there is a steady flow of traffic most of the time. However, interspersed at different times are major spikes of traffic flowing to the site. The spikes occur because the site releases a new attention grabbing article/news bit and thus more connections around the net are made by way of linking back to the site of interest. Each spike represents a consciousness focusing event. Not a mega-ritual sized event obviously, but an attention focusing event none the less. For instance, new articles/videos/interviews from a good synchromystic artist are all attention focusing events that are actually tracking the ebb and flow of universal novelty through the medium of consciousness, using the tools of the internet and media. If one agrees with the Archetypal bend on Novelty Theory (anyone who thinks tarot, astrology, divination arts, etc have something to them) then one could assume that these spikes occur when certain archetypes, using their symbols, have worked their way into the collective consciousness. That is, if a Hero archetype has control, then the posts/websites garnering the most attention will be those that reflect the current overriding Hero archetype. This is why we see cycles in synchromystic research, and why it seems like a lot of us seem to pick up on the same ideas at the same time without knowing it. For instance, many of us recently at the same time seemed to pick up on the moon and its related symbolism. But, with recognizing that we are all perfect HERE and NOW, we find that we have the ability to decide for ourselves which flavor of novelty flows through us. This is why we must learn to trust our intuition (which is just his or her "higher self"). I could write an article right now about the shape of swimming pools and how the shape determines one's emotional reaction to to the experience (I just made that up.. maybe its true?), but if it doesn't resonate with the overriding archetype well enough, or the current collective pool of ideas, then it won't attract as much attention as an article that did resonate. This is where the artistic side of synchromystisism comes into play. A good artist, trusting his or her intuition can start with an obscure idea, but through, practice, dedication, hard work, and an open mind, that artist can make the obscure idea resonate beautifully with the viewer, which is both human and universal at the same time, since it seems as though consciousness is simply the universe's way of exploring itself. The way the synchromystic artist does this is by connecting that original idea, through sychronicities however small or seemingly mundane, to the big idea. But only if you work for it. The universe has the peculiar property of observing you and then rewarding you for dedication and determination. You can't just sit around and wait for the universe to give you want, you have to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and work with the universe. Even if it feels like everything is impossible and it won't matter anyway, just choose one of those little dreams or ideas you have in your head and go for it. Get out of your comfort zone, even if its just for the day. Once you get up and start to follow it, things will fall into place and come together. If synchroncities are occurring at faster and faster rates (and if you're reading this you most likely intuitively and objectively, through sychrmoystic research, believe this idea to be true), then get up off your ass and use it to your advanatge, and also to the advantage of the universe as a whole. It's game of balance. You can't just take and take, otherwise karma will bite you in the ass. But, if you learn to recognize and receive the synchromystic energy, then experience it, feel it, nurture it, and then release it back to the universe for everyone to use. Its a cycle!

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