Wednesday, April 09, 2008

*Sigh...* I'm So Very Angry

Hmm...let's be brief...I don't feel like anything in depth at the moment. I'll put it simply. I hate you right now, Connie. Your exceptionally ignorant move of sending the cat to be killed. I hate you right now, Craig. Your fear of being sued, your inexplicable ignorance when all you had to do was ask the health department about the idiocy of those letters. And mostly, I hate YOU right now, Anonymous. Your ridiculous, know-nothing letters that started it all. You ALL make me sick. Literally. Which is why I'm writing this here. To tell how I feel, because it hurts. Because of the bureaucrats you've decided to be, we all know that speaking directly to you (again) will not resolve anything. Seeing today that, yes, our government is psychotic enough to now kill people in Iran has made me see that I live in a world of DUMB-ASS people - (such as yourselves). I'm just no longer going to allow you to infiltrate my life as I have since November. When I feel like saying something to you, I will write it here. Someday I will post all the letters I've written when I haven't been able to sleep at night knowing that you live on the same planet as I do. Aaaaaaaaaah. I feel somewhat better already. * When you think you hate the race most, you are actually caught in a dilemma of love. You are comparing the race to your loving idealized conception of it. In this case however you are losing sight of the actual people involved. -The Nature of Personal Reality

I'm so very sorry for your pain, Alice.

I can't think of a more appropriate Seth quote.

You are very loved.

Sir Real
You are the sweetest.


Love Love Love,

p.s. I think I quit the Blog today...
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