Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spying on Americans: The FBI's "Quantico Circuit" -- Still Spying ...

I enjoyed this, Tom, and was a little surprised not to see it at Dissident Voice. Uncovering this shit that is happening now, is a (the?) most important thing. But reading your words: "Since 1994...the...CALEA (established it as) telecommunications carrier's (sic) duty to cooperate...for Law Enforcement purposes, and for OTHER PURPOSES" (your emphasis), I have to wonder: how long? and how widespread?

That is, is the operative limitation on how far back this shit goes, and can be discovered, technology or secrecy?

For that matter, is what I used to believe was NECESSARY -- "Imagine the truth" -- necessary in regards to the subject of spying on Americans.

Lloyd Rowsey
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