Saturday, May 31, 2008

Russell Targ's New Autobiography, by Jeffrey Mishlove

I have been a student and a contributor to the field of parapsychology for the last 35 years. And, it is with good authority that I highly recommend all of the books by Russell Targ -- for two simple reasons. First, Russell Targ is a very clear thinker. He expresses his thoughts easily and with great clarity (and wit!). Second, and I believe of even greater importance, Russell Targ is one of the most experienced and successful parapsychology researchers of the last fifty years. He writes from the perspective of an insider's insider. And, I regard all that he has to say to be of great importance to anyone trying to understand this very tricky field. In addition -- and this is particularly relevant to Do You See What I See? -- Russell, himself, has been on a path of personal transformation. This book is especially lucid in terms of integrating modern, scientific ideas with thought from Hindu and Buddhist teachings. Because it is autobiographical, this is the most wide-ranging of all of Targ's books. It is also the most personal. For anyone interested in the human story behind the career of a great parapsychology researcher (not to mention laser physicist), this book is a must read.

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