Friday, June 06, 2008

Barack, Hillary & I meet Gloria La Riva

Strangely enough, I got a note from Twitter yesterday that a user called massgop was now following my main profile updates. Hmmm. Upon closer inspection, it looks to be the generic profile for the Massachusetts Republican Party. And that they simply wanted to build a large network of people who would check out their postings. The splatter approach, as I call it. I am guessing that they are unaware of my extremely left-wing political views? (/disingenuous). So, I decided to write about some politics today. Of the American brand. Barak Obama seals his win as the Democratic Nominee for President over Hillary Clinton this week. I'm not particularly impressed. The unfortunate two-party-only system Americans have come to embrace leaves little room for honest assessment of priorities and policies that are critical to all, once both parties are effectively corrupted. Which they are. By limiting your choices to mustard and...mustard, you don't really get to have the correct discussion. Instead, memes are circulated about ambiguous differences that can be carefully spun and manipulated so the audience is looking the other way when the sleight of hand occurs. Old magician's trick. Really, at the end of the day, Barak Obama is beholden to the same corporations that Hillary Clinton and John McCain are beholden to. None of these candidates adequately represent leadership for our singular human condition on the planet at this time. All of them will continue the occupation of Iraq, not because they want to, but because they will claim they have no choice. None of them will adequately roll back emissions from this country that would have an impact on global climate change. All would require that members of the population PAY for their own medical care. Tax dollars should do that. And regulations should keep price gouging in check. None will support that. This list goes on. Lip service to war-factions that support continued oppression of Palestinians, making peace in the region impossible. Mock-threatening stance against Iran (while secretly selling and giving nuclear technology to Turkey and Pakistan, who disseminate it to Muslim nations anyway). Failure to support equality for same-sex and transgender peoples. It remains to be seen how Obama will respond to the clear and pressing need for regulation of the financial services industry. His support for the merely showpiece legislation calling for elongated terms for a minority of adjustable sub-prime mortgage holders is weak in tooth and not even of his own. Evolution is slow. It is understandable. BUT we don't have to kid ourselves about it anymore. Barak Obama, like Hillary Clinton and John McCain, is *not* a progressive. Please plan accordingly. The correct progressive candidate is really Gloria La Riva, for the party of Socialism and Liberation. Her policies on reducing expenditures for the military, adequately supporting healthcare for ALL residents through a single-payer sytem funded by taxes, increased regulation to hold corporation proiteering in check, as well as appointing members to the judiciary that will not attempt to insert right-wing ideological influence into precedent are truly what is needed.

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