Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cindy Sheehan has chosen not to run against Nancy Pelosi in the Democratic primary, she has decided to run as a fully independent candidate

Tuesday's election

6-5pelosisheehan1Update of a Monday pre-election blog.

First Cindy Sheehan has chosen not to run against Nancy Pelosi in the Democratic primary, she has decided to run as a fully independent candidate in the general election. That requires 10,000 signatures by August 8th. She could have run in the Democratic primary or gotten on the Green party or the Peace and Freedom party ballots for a hand-full of signatures. What is she doing?

Carole Migden, the State Senator who ran on a ticket opposing the Iraq War lost badly. Incumbents only lose when everyone dislikes them. No one apparently liked her.

I thought I could estimate the number of rent-control dwellers who vote by looking at the anti-rent-control votes on State proposition 98. Can't. The anti vote was very high everywhere, just 15 points higher in San Francisco. That large anti vote obscures any measurement I could have gotten.

I thought she was already running as an Independent. And I've contributed money to her very inept campaign. Although I don't live in the 8th Congressional District and won't be moving there anytime soon, her campaign for peace in Iraq is absolutely essential for the anti-war activists of any stripe in this country.

From her tiny "Give Peace A Chance" - John Lennon Would vote For Me" beginnings to her near-invisibility at the May Day rally in SF, Cindy Sheehan has been The Nobody From Vacaville.

If anyone reads Alice and hopes to make a contribution to ending the War in Fucking Iraq, send some bucks to Cindy Sheehan, whatever ticket she's running under and wherever the sam hill you live.
Does ANYBODY care what Cindy Sheehan is doing or not doing? She has as much chance getting elected to Congress as Ralph Nader has in getting elected to...anything. Both of these people in my most humble opinion are further proof that the far left can equally be as crazy as the far right!

When will all these delusional fools figure out that their Emperor, their "Peace Mom" has no clothes? Knowing the burned out hippie mentality I suspect the answer is "Never!" They would probably like it to be "deja vu all over again" like in 2000 when the Nader voting numbskulls in Florida alone gave us 8 fucking years of George W. Bush! It would give them at least another years to rant and rave!
Apparently harvey, you weren't at the May Day rally of which I speak. Probably the most depressing thing about it was San Francisco's "hippie expressionism" which turned Cindy's campaign into a little tent in a big carnival. But of course it wasn't so much a big carnival, as a tiny gathering down by Pier 40 on a sunny day.

Do you get my point, harvey? It's not that nobody cares about Cindy, much less about peace in Iraq. It's that there's more activist but misguided hippies and self-congratulatory labor people in SF than anyone who understands that 2008 is NOT 1966 -- and hopes there's a peace candidate other than Dennis Kucinich who will win in November -- had feared.
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