Monday, June 30, 2008

Mobile Phones Change Birds' Tune

Many wild birds are able to imitate the simple ringtones of mobile telephones, German ornithologists report, underscoring the influence of humans on the evolution of birds. These birds can "sing up to 78 different phrases, and many of the simplest telephone ringtones coincide with them," ornithologist Matthias Werner, of the government's bird protection agency, told Tierramérica.

I think I hear your bird. Go ahead and answer it.
ellwort! and TREEBU!


I dare not say that I'm getting my period any day now!

I talk too much on the Blog!

I should just go read a book before I go nutso...

"Book"? What's that?

My factory-installed equipment makes it impossible for me to give you much more than pity for the plight you mention first. Maybe treebu can send along some sympathy.


Heya Alice,

Hope you feel better. I am lucky as I am now "fixed". I used to have the worst periods - more like hemorhages. I have two kids and was coming on towards menopause so when my OB/GYN told me he could stop the horrible periods by a new procedure, I was all for it. So now I feel like I have arrested development and don't have to take birth control! It's great, like a new life. And now I have Ellwort again and my only regret is that I can't have a kid with him. (fantasy). Going back to Mexico soon . We'll keep in touch.

Take care,

Teresa (TREEBU)
Where in Mexico..if you wanna say? I'm not brave enough to leave this country..I think about it...But the seeming hassle hasn't outweighed the perceived benefits for me yet...

Anytime you or both of you or one of you wants to say the story of how you came to be together..I would love to read that..

Q: Where in Mexico?
A: In a Baja Sur town whose population includes (besides Mexicans) a significant number of expatriates from the US and Europe. Miles and desert miles from the nearest airports. Close enough to the Pacific shore not to be hell (we're told) in July. It's getting to the point where we're afraid to stay in the US. The transition to Third World status won't be pretty, I think.

Q: Say the story of how you came to be together?
A: At a Police concert (their first US tour) at the Peppermint Lounge on 45th street. Then, drugs and (with her then-boyfriend) rock&roll and (ineluctably) sex. Complication & conflict. Teresa set forth the happy resolution in the last comment to her "Mother's Day" post at

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