Monday, June 09, 2008

Rumsfeld Fraud; Pentagon Tortures Its Own


Rumsfeld Fraud; Pentagon Tortures Its Own Case 10: Rumsfeld Tried to Bribe Me and Worse... Rumsfeld walked into my office at the Pentagon in about late Nov. 2003 and tried to bribe me with an increase in rank, salary, and $20,000. I had previously investigated several cases of Pentagon fraud; Rumsfeld had blocked prosecution of them. I was starting to work on another case. Private contractor's were being charged big fees for setting up trailers at military bases in the war zones. The fees were on the order of $20,000 to $50,000 a year for a water, toilet and electricity hook up on a 60 ft. by 20 ft. piece of desert. In Iraq, $20,000 would have bought you a nice house with water, toilet, and electricity before the US arrived. But what made it a scam instead of just an official rip off was that half the fee had to be paid up front in cash as a kickback to even get the space. Otherwise the request simply never got acted upon in time for the contractor to do his work. The evidence that I had collected so far showed that Rumsfeld was getting that cash when the fee was paid at the Pentagon. ...

Poll: Obama leads McCain nationally by slight margin
By The Associated Press – 2 days ago
THE RACE: The presidential race nationally
Barack Obama, 47 percent
John McCain, 43 percent
Ralph Nader, 6 percent
If Nader, the independent, is not included, Obama's lead is 49 percent to 46 percent. About one in five voters say they may change their minds. Four in 10 Democrats say Hillary Rodham Clinton should stay in the race until the party's August convention. If she is Obama's running mate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is McCain's, the Democrats' lead is 6 percentage points. Just over half of Democrats want Obama to put Clinton on his ticket, and if he doesn't one in four want her to fight for the spot at the convention. More than four in 10 Republicans still say they'd rather see the GOP nominate someone besides McCain.
Hi Anonymous,

One of one me says - I wish the Democrats and Republicans were more into fair elections and would allow all participants to be included....i.e. OTHER PARTIES...

All Good Things,
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