Thursday, June 26, 2008

SFGate & (the new) Seth Talk about "The Hum" - contrast and compare

How to sing like a planet Scientists say the Earth is humming. Not just noise, but a deep, astonishing music. Can you hear it?

Article at SFGate I'm not usually bothered by this at all, since I use the words myself, but his 'hell' placements (4 of them, 2 in one paragraph) & especially the 'goddamn' placement at the end I found insanely out of place in an article like that.

Hello Mark ! Hello Seth ! First I want to thank you for the last newsletter - it was fantastic & witty! Today I have a question for Seth: What is that noise ? The "Hum", a worldwide phenomenon. The "Hum" is a mysterious noise heard by 1 to 10 percent of the population in certain areas, including North America, Europe, Great Britain, and Australia. The classic hum sound is comparable to the sound of a distant diesel engine idling. There have been extensive reports of the Hum in the United Kingdom since at least the early 1970s. The two best-publicized areas in the United States that have been plagued by the Hum are Taos, New Mexico, and Kokomo, Indiana. Since 2005 I hear it too. I don't suffer from but it's scary. I add a PDF for you both. Kind regards from Germany. Julian

6-16-08 3:47 PM Now Julian, as you may know as a reader of my new books, the manifestation phenomenon is one of resonance. Consciousness Units resonate with their counterparts within all of created reality, to form replicas of certain CU's and thus Reality Constructs of all types and purpose. Remember, Reality Constructs also include the molecules of air in front of you, as well as the computer screen in front of you.

With your creative Consciousness you create, then, in alliance with everything else in your environment - other humans, other computer screens, other Reality Constructs of all types - your realities. There is a particular frequency of vibration or vibratory rate that is most congenial for the manifestation of Reality Constructs by the human mentality. And in fact, when one is in direct proximity to certain portals or vortices upon your Earth, through this resonance phenomenon one is brought up to this particular frequency, allowing the manifestation phenomenon to play out in an improved fashion. The great architects of your perceived past knew of the benefits to be gained by building their temples in proximity to these Power Points. The creative energies are facilitated in these places. The search for the Divine is assisted in these places of worship placed on the Power Spots. Your Taos, New Mexico is in proximity to one such vortex. Inter-dimensional communication is facilitated there. The entire area is one in which the ancestors can be contacted quite easily by laymen and practitioner alike.

Now this Hum you describe may well be the perception by sensitive humans, of this resonance phenomenon within close proximity to these vortices. The precise frequency plus its octave variations, may be perceived by the Inner Senses as a distinct Hum. It may be felt also within the body as a not unpleasant pressure from within and from without. Different people experience this breakthrough in sensing in different ways. There is nothing mysterious about it, however. It is the "sound" of atoms/CUs assembling into Reality Constructs within proximity of Power Points of accelerated vibration.

I trust I have answered your excellent question to your satisfaction. Seth. 4:00 PM

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