Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Alexander Dismisses Economic Plans of Obama and McCain

Stewart A. Alexander Nominee for Vice President Socialist Party USA Candidate for Vice President Peace and Freedom Party July 16, 2008 Today, Vice Presidential Candidate Stewart A. Alexander attacked the economic programs of Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama and Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain; Alexander dismissed the economic proposals of both candidates as “campaign baiting to win votes.” Alexander says the U.S. economy needs much more than what either candidate has presented, “the U.S. economy needs a total makeover, and a little makeup will not work.” Recently, the U.S. economy has become the number one concern with a majority of Americans; and as President Bush attempts to hold together the U.S. economy during his final six months in office, it is likely it will become the responsibility of the next president to offer a national plan that will move the nation forward and to restore the confidence of the American people. Today, working people are concerned with a broad range of issues that are presently threatening their financial well-being; those issues include job security, smaller paychecks, affordable housing, soaring gasoline and food prices, health care cost, the value of the U.S. dollar, inflation and the expanding U.S. recession. Most working families are earning less than what they earned when President Bush became president in 2000; and with all the promises that were made by the Democrats in the House and Senate in 2006, conditions have gone from bad to worse for working people over the past 18 months. The price of gasoline has increased by more than $2.00 per gallon and the Democrats have chosen to invest in war while millions of Americans are finding it difficult to keep up with the rising cost of food. The campaign rhetoric of Obama and McCain is failing to connect with a majority of working people; both candidates represent political parties that have failed to ease the massive loss of jobs nationwide. Recent employment data indicates that more than 320,000 jobs have been lost in the past six months and more than 79,000 for the months of May and June of this year. Both McCain and Obama are promising to invest in clean and energy efficient technologies to create jobs and to revamp foreign policies to protect U.S. jobs; however, both candidates represent political parties that are whole selling jobs to foreign markets and have only invested in new technologies that are in the interest of special interest groups and technologies that are military related. Both McCain and Obama have failed to offer any viable plans for the battered U.S. economy. Obama recently proposed his own version of a national stimulus package that would amount to another $50 billion. The $168 billion stimulus package that was presented by the Bush administration has failed to stimulate the sagging U.S. economy; and it is likely Obama’s stimulus proposal would only create an additional tax burden on working people and add to the national debt. Obama is also calling for government subsidies for health care, college and for those retired; however, his plan would require him to tax the nation’s top earners and the special interest groups that have helped his campaign the most. With less than four months before the 2008 Election, both McCain and Obama have failed to offer an economic road map that will alter the course of the U.S. economy; a course that has many signs indicating more trouble ahead. Stewart Alexander says, “The U.S. economy needs a fundamental transformation, focusing on production for need not profit;” as stated in the National Platform of Socialist Party USA. Alexander says the campaign of his U.S. Presidential running mate, Brian Moore, is not about reforming the process, “our campaign is about changing the process.” Unlike McCain and Obama, Presidential Candidate Brian Moore is demanding the immediate withdrawal of the United States from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), and Moore opposes the creation of a widened Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). As the presidential nominee for Socialist Party USA and a presidential candidate seeking the nomination of the Peace and Freedom Party, Brian Moore supports the platforms of both the socialist parties. Both socialist parties are calling for worker and community ownership and control of corporations within the framework of a decentralized and democratically determined economic plan. To the contrary, Obama and McCain support an economy that is based upon corporate profits, dominated by the capitalist ruling class and a few massive corporations. Brian Moore is also calling for a minimum wage of $15 per hour, indexed to the cost of living. The presidential candidate has also presented a plan that will provide full employment and he supports the provisions of a livable guaranteed annual income. Moore and Alexander believes it is possible to provide health care for all; Alexander says all financial and insurance institutions must be socially owned and operated by a democratically-controlled national banking authority, which should include credit unions, mutual insurance cooperatives, and cooperative state banks. Alexander says the makeover that is needed for the U.S. economy will be much broader than the New Deal that was introduced during the Roosevelt administration; the New Deal helped to pull the nation out of the Great Depression. Socialists believe only a global transformation from capitalism to democratic socialism will provide the conditions for international peace, justice, and economic cooperation based on the large-scale transfer of resources and technology from the developed to the developing countries. Two things are for certain, there is no easy fix for the ailing U.S. economy, and Barack Obama and John McCain are not prepared to make the necessary changes that will protect the interests of working people. Comparing the economic plans of the two candidates, it does not matter whether McCain or Obama is elected in the 2008 Election; the economic programs that have been outlined by both candidates will only produce minor differences to the present Bush White House. For more information search the Web for: Stewart A. Alexander; Independent Voters Rejecting Democrats and Republicans; The Economy Needs a Total Makeover by Monica Hill.

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