Monday, August 25, 2008

Meet some protesters....

Protesters say no to war

Activists have planned protests for the duration of the party convention
Hundreds of anti-war protesters have demonstrated amid heavy police security in the US city of Denver where the Democratic national convention is set to kick-off on Monday. It was the first in a series of protests by the group Recreate 68, whose name echoes the anti-war protests outside the party's convention in Chicago in 1968. Al Jazeera spoke to five protesters about why they were marching, and their hopes that those attending the convention would listen.

Robert Joyet, Denver, Colorado

I'm here to try to give a voice to the voiceless. The Democrats are supposed to be the party that faces up to the Republicans and provide an alternative voice, but they've sat back and passed every act that infringes our civil liberties; they supported the war.

I'm ashamed at the poor turnout here. I'd have hoped more Americans … maybe they're sidetracked by corporate interests.

I worked three times in Afghanistan as an engineer and when I was there security was tentative and that was three years ago. The situation there is getting like it was in Iraq. I think it's a lost cause and we should just get out. It's a farce. These politicians go on their "fact finding mission" and don't talk to anybody about it [the situation]. It's disgraceful.

Jean Toth, St Petersburgh, Florida

There's a big message going on here, regardless of Republican or Democrat: we have to change our whole way of thinking. I think we're sending a message and I think if there's enough people they will listen as I don't think they'll have a choice. I'd love for people to see that not all Americans are all about war.

The convention serves no purpose at all, it's a huge waste of money, we have helicopters flying around wasting gas to watch us and there's no one here who's evil. It's insane.

Judy Gear, Denver

I'm here with a small international group who have been going just working for peace and justice throughout the world on different issues.

We're very against the war and very concerned about the environment and that's why I'm here to stop all our invasions of various countries. I just hope that it will make a difference, to make sure Obama's sticking to what he's pledged about getting out of the war and not expanding it. I hope my presence will make a difference. If you just sit at home watching TV you'll get really depressed so I get out to protest.

Daniel Hernandez, Denver

Well I'm just here to show my solidarity with everyone else who opposes the war. I want to show the rest of the world that not all Americans supported our invasion of Iraq.

Delaine Novak, Denver

We're here today because we don't believe in the occupation of Iraq. We need to pull the troops out and spend the money here at home – this war was just about oil.

We have a lot of economic issues here now. We must be united; everyone should still have a voice and not be palmed off - never mind the rhetoric.

We need to end this war, we didn't ask for this.

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