Thursday, August 14, 2008

... As I blogged earlier this week, my mother is now supporting Ralph Nader. (She was a very firm Hillary supporter and had decided previously that hse just wouldn't vote.) I really think there's a movement towards Nader's campaign right now. And there's movement in his campaign. Ralph's campaign office is open in Denver and C.I. includes a report on that (via Jess) so I'll just note this here: "Those interested in assisting can e-mail Junue Millan at as well as call the office (303) 832-2509 or walk in." Jess said Junue is a very nice guy and very patient and professional on the phone. If you're able to volunteer in any way, please contact him. Maybe you're supporting Nader and that's great. Or maybe you're undecided or supporting Cynthia McKinney or Bob Barr? If so, you should still consider helping out with the Super Rally because it is about the issues, the real ones, and it is about busting the two-party control of the debates. This is from Team Nader:

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