Sunday, August 03, 2008

Since you won't read it in very many places online...

From: Ralph Nader Wins Peace and Freedom Party Candidacy for President From: Peace and Freedom Presidential Candidate Ralph From: Nader wins Peace & Freedom Party nomination

Ralph Nader today won the nomination of the Peace & Freedom Party, which will put him on the ballot in California. Four candidates were vying for the nomination: Gloria La Riva, Cynthia McKinney, Brian Moore, and Ralph Nader. The final vote tally according to Ballot Access News was: Nader 46, La Riva 27, Moore 10, McKinney 6.

I’m still looking for video online of the candidate forum from Friday but nothing has been posted yet that I can find.

Entertaining (and most excellent) live blogging of the Peace & Freedom convention was posted here. From: Photos from Peace and Freedom Convention From: Nader gets third party nomination in California; Makes November ballot From: Nader Nabs Peace and Freedom Party Nomination From: Ralph Nader wins spot on California's presidential ballot From: Nader wins Peace and Freedom's presidential nod From: Nader wins Peace and Freedom nomination “Alice” posted this link at Ballot Access News. She reports that it is an index of photographs from the Peace and Freedom Party convention underway this weekend in California.

Also covering the convention is Babbette Hogan of Polidoc Productions. She is filming and hopes to have video up at some point.

From: Nader Gets California Peace and Freedom Party Nomination From: (official release) VERY URGENT NEWS ADVISORY From: Nader Wins Peace & Freedom Party Nomination Nader wins Peace and Freedom nomination The Peace and Freedom Party has selected independent candidate Ralph Nader and his runningmate Matt Gonzalez as its 2008 presidential ticket. According to the PFP’s homepage, “Both nominees agree with the fundamentals of the P & F platform and bring with them a strong combination of experience, credibility, and legislative accomplishment.”

According to liveblogging on White Light Black Light, the voting results from the single round of voting was Nader 46, Gloria La Riva 27, Brian Moore 10, Cynthia McKinney 6.

The nomination brings with it a a guaranteed place on the Californian ballot this November. In 2000 as the Green Party nominee, Nader garnered 3.8% with 418,707 votes, an improvement over his 1996 showing of 2.4% with 237,016 votes. By contrast, as a write-in candidate in 2004, he only scored 19,218 votes.

UPDATE: Ballot Access News gives us two historical insights into the Nader nomination:

This is the first time the Peace & Freedom Party has nominated someone who is expected to be on the ballot in a majority of states, in its entire history. That history extends back to 1968.

Nader is the first caucasian male to be the presidential nominee of the Peace & Freedom Party since 1972, when Dr. Benjamin Spock was the party’s nominee.

From: (This person must have been there too, great descriptions) Ralph Nader's Ballot Access Expands to 23 States - More on the Way ... The test for the small party is how it will take advantage of the jumpstart which Nader's organization can provide once the election is over and Nader returns to his life as a non-party activist. The Green Party saw a 100% jump in its registered members, due in large part to the enthusiasm generated with the 2000 Nader campaign. However, according to one Green Party founding member Ross Mirkarimi, the party was never able to capitalize on the kind of organization Nader had around him. Building a party was not Nader's goal. Rather, he wants to attack the vehicles blocking the path of all third parties and independents - ballot access. ... And finally from little ol' me Peace, Freedom and How I Know I Found It...

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