Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thanks for giving credit where credit is due, Obama...thanks for sniping Subcom Marco's and the Zapatistas Ideal and Making It Your Own..

[Now when you accomplish ANYTHING from the bottom up except your own me...THE BOTTOM UP POLICY, while correct, has been hijacked without attribution by, I simultaneously know that I am not one to enforce such a thing as MY IDEA IS MINE AND YOU CAN'T HAVE IT...however..I would have really appreciated Obamaville KNOW, if not say where he learned that idea...It may not be the Zapatistas, in fact, I'm sure someone, somewhere, long before the Zapatistas mentioned this concept...but still...IMHO, if one is going to become the president of the united states, one should not use that idea and not make it happen..or one had better have an honest fucking excuse for why it is not happening...] The following is drawn from the text of a speech given on December 24 at the “In Defense of Humanity” conference.

Our Struggle is Against US ImperialismI Believe Only in the Power of the People


What happened these past days in Bolivia was a great revolt by those who have been oppressed for more than 500 years. The will of the people was imposed this September and October, and has begun to overcome the empire’s cannons. We have lived for so many years through the confrontation of two cultures: the culture of life represented by the indigenous people, and the culture of death represented by West. When we the indigenous people–together with the workers and even the businessmen of our country–fight for life and justice, the State responds with its “democratic rule of law.”

Cochabamba 1999 battle over water, against Bechtel

What does the “rule of law” mean for indigenous people? For the poor, the marginalized, the excluded, the “rule of law” means the targeted assassinations and collective massacres that we have endured. Not just this September and October, but for many years, in which they have tried to impose policies of hunger and poverty on the Bolivian people. Above all, the “rule of law” means the accusations that we, the Quechuas, Aymaras and Guaranties of Bolivia keep hearing from our governments: that we are narcos, that we are anarchists. This uprising of the Bolivian people has been not only about gas and hydrocarbons, but an intersection of many issues: discrimination, marginalization , and most importantly, the failure of neoliberalism. [...]

And I want to tell you, companeras and companeros, how we have built the consciousness of the Bolivian people from the bottom up. How quickly the Bolivian people have reacted, have said–as Subcomandate Marcos says–ya basta!, enough policies of hunger and misery.

Global Justice Rhetoric is Anti-authoritarian
Global justice activism is heavily influenced by antiauthoritarianism. This is not to say
that all global justice activists are self-described antiauthoritarians, but many do at least
borrow antiauthoritarian ideas and practices. For instance, social forums, conferences,
protests, affinity groups, spokes councils, neighbourhood assemblies, and website
clearinghouses often use bottom up, consensus type structures allowing individuals,
groups, and organizations to create large, decentered networks. Rather than leaders and
dominating ideologies, there are affinities of people coordinating themselves toward
social change. Such antiauthoritarianism is not necessarily new; it has been long used
by anarchists, autonomists, anti-capitalists, feminists, and counter-culturalists. But
global justice activists have revived and updated anti-authoritarianism. David Graeber,
an anarchist and Ivy League anthropologist, provides some excellent accounts of this
revival, arguing that anti-authoritarian practices are the heart and soul of global justice

in the united states, anyway, such an attribution might well be political suicide.
Hi Anonymous,

Agreed. However, maybe the few, the proud, the normal would appreciate the honesty -can't speak for the stuck on stupid people...

All Good Things,
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