Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Two Blog Posts About Anarchy

1. (excerpts) should you come over to our home for a you will not be taxed, searched, required to show a passport or driver’s license, fined, jailed, threatened, handcuffed, or prohibited from leaving. I suspect that your relationships with your friends are conducted on the same basis of mutual respect. In short, virtually all of our dealings with friends and strangers alike are grounded in practices that are peaceful, voluntary, and devoid of coercion. 2. At the climax of a mind numbing action thriller, the super evil villain, the Joker, calls himself an anarchist. I immediately turned to my friend, and in a not so quite voice said, “that’s not what anarchism is!?” I was shocked at my own poor movie theatre etiquette and my strong reaction has triggered some reflections.

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