Thursday, August 14, 2008

[Thanks to Pierce for this link] ABOUT WERNER ERHARD

More than thirty years ago Werner Erhard introduced the breakthrough notion of “transformation” to the American public – a notion that created a clear distinction between change within an existing world view or frame of reference, and creating an entirely new world view. The notion of transformation subsequently came to be seen as a powerful, practical, and relevant resource in contemporary society. The ideas he developed have now found their way into societies all over the world. Read More...

Werner Erhard’s early study and work culminated in the creation of the enormously popular est Training which was retired in 1984 and replaced by “The Forum” a version of which program continues to be offered today. Millions of people have been influenced by Erhard's work through direct participation or the cultural change that occurred as thought leaders built upon and applied Erhard's thinking. Read More...

Werner Erhard continues to develop methodologies that provide individuals and organizations with means to design new contexts and paradigms – allowing them to think more independently and creatively, and to take more effective action. Read More...

yaar masti chal rhi hai apana batao kya haal hai ?

aur what about your family and your lover tell me in detail
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