Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What a difference a day makes...

This morning I came across a weird headline....American Right To Life Unfurled World's Largest Protest Sign: DNC Sheets Of Shame - nutty, I know...so I read it out of the car crash theory...and literally, it's the world's largest...and I refused to blog it this morning, as odd as the whole thing is... Anyway... Like life and ocean tides, by the time I arrived home from work, there was a change, an even, fair, flow if you will, I saw the following headline.. 13 anti-abortion protesters arrested now I'm not sure if the world record holders are in the hoosegow now, or not, because I refuse to read this article..but I was also shaken by the oddity of anyone on the right ever being arrested at a public protest events..I'm not expert, they may be arrested all the time..I don't know... I'm all askew from reading such drivel...what is with people who resign their personal sovereignty

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