Saturday, September 13, 2008


UNFPA: JANE ROBERTS YOUTUBE VIDEO: 13/09/2008 (MaximsNewsNetwork)

UNITED NATIONS - / MaximsNewsNetwork / 13 September 2008 -- On July 22, 2002 the Bush Administration in the person of then Secretary of State Colin Powell announced that it was not going to release the $34 million Congress had approved for the United Nations Population Fund.

The excuse was that UNFPA was complicit in China’s coercive policies. No other country has ever faulted UNFPA’s small program in China. Powell’s investigative team came back from China recommending that the funds be released.

Powell, who had testified that UNFPA did invaluable work in the world, should have resigned on the spot.

At 3:00 am on July 23, I lay awake, anger simmering in my brain.

Right there and then I decided to ask 34 million Americans for one dollar.

Lois Abraham had exactly the same idea.

Over six years later, 34 Million Friends is alive and well.

See >> Direct Link

Unfortunately we are no where close to $34 million but a significant amount of money with more coming in every week, is sending a positive message to the world from the American people.

Gender inequality is at the root of many of the world’s ills. The first of the Millennium Development Goals seeks to cut in half the numbers of people living in extreme poverty.

Two-thirds of these people are women.

Two-thirds of the illiterate people on the planet today are women and girls. Educated women marry later, have fewer children, educate them and keep them healthy. Women’s equality is a win-win. ...

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