Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chicago outreach effort builds mass opposition to Wall Street bailout

Thousands of leaflets distributed--and thousands more to go!

As the Treasury Department threatened to bail out the criminal banks to the tune of $700 billion, PSL members in Chicago hit the streets to promote resistance to Wall Street’s theft.

Fanning out over the city on Sept. 22 and 23, volunteers passed out thousands of PSL statements entitled, "Bail out workers, not Wall Street!"

The leaflets were exceptionally well-received at busy train stops and colleges, especially in working class neighborhoods. Even those who seemed uninterested at first were immediately attracted once they realized what the statements were about.

PSL members used slogans like: "Money for Jobs, Not for the Banks," "Last week there was no money for education, health care or housing. This week there’s $700 billion for the criminal bank CEOs" and "No more money for Wall Street crooks."

Those slogans are in sharp contrast with the praise sung by Wall Street for the bailout, yet they resonated with working people whose tax dollars are being stolen by a small elite of wealthy bankers.

Groups of workers and students stopped and read the leaflet immediately. People in cars and passersby requested additional leaflets to give to their family and friends. Dozens of people asked how they could get involved. The PSL also received unsolicited donations on the spot. Bus drivers and transit workers who heard the pitch and read the materials helped distribute leaflets. The materials distributed also advertised upcoming events, including the Saturday, Sept. 27, PSL campaign dinner in Chicago and the Saturday, Oct. 11, meeting in Chicago with PSL presidential candidate Gloria La Riva.

Anyone in the Chicago area interested in getting involved in the movement to stop the criminal banks should call the PSL at 773-920-7590. For other PSL branches around the country, click here.

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