Sunday, September 14, 2008

Creating Reality With Positive Or Negative Thoughts


How does the future happen? Is it all random? Are some people just luckier than others? I don't think many people really believe that, though it sometimes may seem that way. At a deeper level, however, we really have a sense that life is not random, and that we have the power to create our own future, if only we learned the right tricks, system or method.

Have you heard the expression "You create your own reality?" This was first said by Jane Roberts, in the Seth books, such as Seth Speaks and The Nature of Personal Reality. This idea has become a lot more popular since those books came out in the 1960s. Now many people are familiar with books like Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, and, more recently, The Secret and the Abraham books by Esther Hicks. However, is the basic message of all these books, that our thoughts create reality, actually true? And if it is true, how can we put it to use so that it's more than just a theory?

The reason why it can seem difficult to practice "creating your own reality" with your thoughts is that you have so many thoughts every day. More than you can count. If you doubt this, try to keep track of your thoughts for a short period of time, say twenty minutes. You will most likely find an endless dream-like "stream of consciousness," with one thought leading to the next. Often you will end up with a thought that is very different from one you had only moments before. And each of these thoughts has a different vibration. Some are quite positive and energizing. Others are the opposite -fearful, angry or sad. Most are somewhere in the middle, which means they don't have a very strong vibration in any particular direction.

If we are serious about wanting to create our reality with our thoughts, we have to start paying more attention to these thoughts and not allow them to just pull us in all different directions. Not that we should suppress thoughts that aren't positive, but we should be aware of them and not allow them to lead us in a downward spiral of negativity. The real trick to thinking positively is that you can always nudge yourself in a more positive direction --as long as you are conscious of what you are thinking and feeling.

Thoughts that have a lot of emotion attached to them are much more powerful than those with little emotion. Positive thoughts are more powerful than negative, though some people find this difficult to believe. The reason why people have trouble believing this is that they are not aware of the ratio of positive to negative thoughts in their minds. For example, they may actually be thinking negatively 60% of the time, positively 5% and basically neutral thoughts the other 35% of the time. When they don't get the results they would like, they remember the 5% of the time they were thinking positively and conclude, "I tried positive thinking, but it just didn't work for me."

If someone like this could start think positively 25% of the time, they would start to see significant changes for the better. At around this point, the positive thoughts will start to cancel out the negative. And this will give them a kind of foothold into still more positive thoughts, where they could then increase the percentage still further. Once you can think positively 51% of the time, you are really on your way to a more abundant future! A

In truth, you are not going to count your thoughts and be able to precisely know what percentage are positive, negative or neutral. These are only guidelines. The point is to remember that the universe is always receptive to your thoughts, no matter what they are. You are always creating your reality, whether your thoughts are positive or negative. Another way to put this is that you are always attracting your experiences, whether you are attracting what you want or what you don't want.

If you keep this in mind, you will have a powerful incentive to reach for the most positive, expansive and prosperous thoughts you can find.

W. Clement Stone made name and fame for himself as the guru of (believe it or not) Nixon's successful presidential campaigns and as the author of self-help books pushing PMA (positive mental attitude).
Ran across his pitch after I answered a classified ad (right after undergraduation) that proferred vague promises of $36-50,000 income (this was 1977). I soon found myself in a dollar-worship cult devoted to selling high-priced, high tech vacuum cleaners door to door. There are stories therein alone.
The PMA stuff didn't really diverge much from my ordinary polyanna approach to life, which is probably prompted me to answer the ad in the first place.
Which leads, boys and girls, to our Lesson For The Day: There's no such thing as objective reality. In fact, the words "positive" and "negative" are essentially neutral, if you think about it, until we put our own expectations on them.
I just take a moment now and again to stop thinking ANY thoughts. Then start fresh, putting my usual optimistic spin on everything. Then the illusion - consensual reality - looks - nice.
Guess I'd make a crappy art critic. Don't care.
Hi ellwort -

--There's no such thing as objective reality. In fact, the words "positive" and "negative" are essentially neutral, if you think about it, until we put our own expectations on them.--

I agree, the same goes for every word.

There is science behind positive v negative thinking...if that does to some people...And that fact prevents me from being labeled "new agey".... :)


Hope you and treebu have a groovy week... xo
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