Wednesday, September 17, 2008

E.T.101 (excerpts)

These are excerpts from a highly amusing little book with the somewhat overblown title of E.T. 101: The Cosmic Instruction Manual for Planetary Evolution; pretty much the only book of its sort I've found funny enough to get through. The opinions described here do not necessarily reflect those of the management, but I found these excerpts intriguing enough to quote. Truth We have noticed that you pretend to value truth on this planet. Some spend a lifetime seeking it. Your legal systems demand it, and you can be sued if your business doesn't practice it. Your philosophers define it, your scientists measure it, your religions exalt it, and you all fight over it. Meanwhile, all you are doing is paying global lip service to it. There is an excellent reason for this: You have no idea what truth really is. How the obvious escaped you is a tedious story. The abridged version of it amounts to this: You embraced fear. After that unholy act, it has been downhill ever since. Fear is the first lie, the lie that tells you that you are separated from the whole. Once it has been embraced, you are incapable of ever telling the truth under any circumstances without blowing the game. Truth, by its nature, is the light. Fear cannot, by its nature, be in the light without dying. It becomes a simple matter of self interest. Fear has owned this planet, its people, and their systems for a long time. It does not wish to give up the property it has acquired because it is a parasitic life form that cannot live separated from your life forces. The truth is, you are the truth. It is not external to you, as you have been led to believe. For that reason, it is ludicrous to set out on a spiritual journey in search of it. It is likewise ridiculous to punish those who do not practice it when almost nobody on this planet does. As for philosophizing over it, how can you when you wouldn't recognize it if it ran over you in the street? Meanwhile, measuring it is done in your attempt to dominate it, leading you further into the lie that it lives outside of you like an enemy that must be controlled. To exalt it is also to see it as separate. And fighting over it is so absurd as to not deserve our comment at all. The totality of your clinically insane behavior surrounding truth has been cleverly manipulated by fear in its attempt to keep your eyes off the truth. In this manner, fear was able to continue uninterrupted and undetected in its process of eating you alive. But don't worry -- there is a cure. All you need do is awaken to the fact that you are the truth. As the light comes on, the parasite will die, leaving you joyously able to reclaim command. Reality Reality is a difficult word to define because there really isn't any such thing. What we mean by that is that there is no single reality, here or anywhere else. There are as many different realities on this planet as there are people alive to create them all. And what passes for global reality is merely a group consensus on a few minor points. From there on out, it's every man or woman for him or herself. The reality that you live is nothing more than an audiovisual demonstration of where your attention is. The universe presumes your attention is on what you want and graciously provides you with more of the same. If this dynamic were understood, you would never do anything so foolish as declare a war on drugs -- unless, of course, your objective were to create more of them. There is no better way to increase drug traffic than to have everyone's attention focused on it. The same principle applies to increasing everything you think you oppose, and it is also the reason a war cannot be won. If you were serious about stopping drugs, the best course would be to stop being fascinated with them via your perceived opposition. Become fascinated with freedom instead, and your addictions will disappear naturally to satisfy your new preoccupation. Because you have yet to understand your power of creation and who you really are, you perpetually put your attention on denial instead of affirmation. This results in the universe serving up an extra helping of what you thought you didn't want. Although a number of you practice the art of affirmation as a tool for changing your realities, you can affirm until you are blue in the face and they may fail. Unless your attention and your identity have also been altered to accomodate what you affirm, the universe has no option but to fulfill your real, though hidden, attention's desires. Until you understand the role that your attention and sense of identity play in your creation, your affirmation track record will remain a perplexing hit-and-miss affair. It is time to use your powers wisely and create realities that are worthy of who you are. You can do this by changing what you communicate to be real to the universe through your focus, and the identity you project by way of that identity's behavior. If you do not make this fundamental shift, you will continue to transmit the same old tired requests to a universe that will dispassionately and lovingly respond with the same old tired and often toxic answers. Dimensions The fourth dimension is sometimes referred to as the astral plane and exists as a shadow dimension to the third. Like the third, it is also a dimension of polarity and is inhabited by what you call "spirits" and disembodied entities. This dimension has fallen out of favor with the thinking of scientific materialism and has been reduced to the ranks of a primitive, superstitious belief -- a belief that permeated human myth until you all smartened up and dismissed it. You may be surprised to learn that the truth does not require your belief in it in order to function, and the fourth dimension has managed to carry on despite your rejection. The fifth dimension appears in your symbol systems as "heaven," and, compared to the third dimension, it is. It is a dimension of light and love, and it is free of the illusions of duality and separation. The fifth dimension is in no way the end of the line; it is just the next step in your planetary evolution. Creation actually contains an infinite number of dimensions, many of which you inhabit simultaneously. We hope that clears this matter up for you. Transmutation One of the most common transmutative symptoms is exhaustion, usually resulting in a phenomenon called "veging out." This is only natural because the physical body is rearranging its cellular structure to accomodate its culinary shift from burgers and fries to a diet of pure light. Do not be alarmed by the resulting fatigue of this process. It would be more alarming, given the condition of your food chain, if this change did not take place. Other commonly reported symptoms include the discomforts of "transmutation fever" that the emotional body reports as it seens itself being dismantled, fumigated, and remodeled. Don;t give this condition undue attention, since the emotional body is largely opposed to all of this transmutational stuff and tends to complain constantly. For similar reasons, the mental body may inform you that it is suffering from terminal confusion as it watches the Spirit assuming command and imagines itself about to be fired. This is, of course, untrue, and it may be useful to remember that the mental body loves to misinterpret and misrepresent. If that ploy doesn't work, the mind may also point out that suddenly it can't remember anything, as though this were proof positive that transmutation is terribly dangerous and grounds for your immediate retreat. Disregard the report. The truth is that the past is being removed as a mental reference point and replaced by future ecstatic models. The mind can't remember anything because all useless data is being culled from its files. What it perceives as imminent danger is actually its imminent liberation. Lastly, the ego and personality will undoubtedly come up with a litany of complaints that are hair raising if you give them any credence. Do not listen. They, like the mind, haven't a clue about what's going on and are innacurately reporting their reconstruction through their fearful sense of being abandoned. Although most of the symptoms you may experience will not have very much biological substance, they can still be uncomfortable and unnerving. Your old life is dying and your new life is emerging. That process can cause quite a bit of physical, mental and emotional disturbance. There are no real cures for transmutation, nor should you desire that there be, because transmutation is the cure. It is a natural process that is absolutely necessary for the next step in your evolution. It is also the only way you will be able to withstand the increased vibrational field of energy you are about to enter. The closest thing to a remedy for this process is to willingly allow and assist these vital changes. Fear As dysfunctional patterns are being dismantled and fear is being unceremoniously kicked out of the driver's seat by Spirit, you may experience the chicken/head syndrome. (Our sources indicate that you have chickens on this planet -- indigenous birds who are noted for running around with their heads cut off. This is our first exposure to chickens, but we find their behavior useful, so we have renamed this syndrome in their honor.) The chicken/head syndrome refers to the neurological phenomenon that a beheaded chicken experiences when its body continues racing around frantically as if something were still in control. This goes on for a short while until the neurological circuitry catches up with the fact that the bird is officially dead. That is precisely what can happen when fear is eliminated from your systems. Fear's neurologically patterned behavior may continue marching around for awhile, acting as if fear were still in charge. You have two options in dealing with this condition. You can treat this vestigial behavior in the same way we have noticed you treat flies. (This is also our first encounter with flies, but they seem to be just as useful as chickens.) You may allow them to buzz around until they drop of their own accord, or you may swat them and get it over with. The only thing you should never do is identify with them. Fear and its patterned behavior is not and never was your identity. Fear is a parasitic life form that no longer has any biological business being on this planet. If it is helpful, think of fear as a fungus from outer space that successfully invaded eons ago and has been hosting off your systems ever since. Fear no more defines your being than a case of athlete's foot defines your body. So whatever course of action you choose to handle this syndrom with, remember that it's almost over and you're not it. Yo-Yo Effect The yo-yo effect is a name we came up with to describe the bodily and emotional changes you may feel as the transmutative process kicks into full gear. Cellular transmutation is necessary to accomodate your evolutionary leap into light, but since this process is physical, it has some attendant symptoms that you might as well get acquainted with. There will probably be moments of exaltation as you feel the rush of incoming light entering your system. However, these are often followed by sudden crashes of energy -- crashes that can be felt by the body, the emotions, and the mind as you temporarily swing back into the old reality. Do not mistake this for manic depression. It is only a simple case of ecstacy followed by your denial's insistence on returning to the pits it knows and loves so well. Battle Fatigue The best cure for battle fatigue is not to battle. Although you may find it difficult not to inject a little sanity into the lemming-like rush towards death you see all around you, do not intercede. The old world is dying. It must and will come down. The best you can do is allow it to die as gracefully as possible. Whatever you put your attention on increases. For the sake of the ecosystem and the new emerging civilization, remove your attention from the death process and place it on the process of birth instead. Misplaced attention will just act to prolong the ending's agony and delay your inevitable, exalted future.

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