Monday, September 22, 2008

Nader/Gonzalez California Campaign Events

Sept. 26th, 2pm Nader/Gonzalez Rally Los Angeles, CA Sept. 26th, 9:30pm Bill Maher Show / Debate After Party with Ralph Nader Hollywood, CA Sept. 27th, 3pm Nader/Gonzalez Rally San Diego, CA Sept. 27th, 7:30pm Nader/Gonzalez Rally Encinitas, CA Sept. 28th, 11am Brunch with Ralph Nader Los Angeles, CA Sept. 28th, 3:00pm Nader/Gonzalez Rally Santa Barbra, CA Sept. 28th, 7:30pm Nader/Gonzalez Rally San Luis Obispo, CA Sept. 29th, 12:30pm Lunch with Ralph Nader Carmel, CA Sept. 29th, 3:30pm Nader/Gonzalez Rally Monterey, CA Sept. 29th, 7:30pm Nader/Gonzalez Rally Santa Cruz, CA Sept. 30th, 12pm Lunch with Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez San Francisco, CA Sept. 30th, 2:30pm Nader/Gonzalez Rally w/ Cindy Sheehan San Francisco, CA Sept. 30th, 7pm Nader/Gonzalez Rally w/ Cindy Sheehan Oakland, CA

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