Friday, September 05, 2008

So sweet....

A Life In The Times
As a writer and artist, I am much influenced by things that most normal people would have me committed for. My Irish grandparents instilled in me a love for the wee folk of the forest, and elves and fairies are much a part of my life. As a student of Seth, the entity channeled through Jane Roberts, I am open to all probable universes, and all parallel worlds. I spent most of the summer in Anderson Indiana with my son and his wife, and found myself in a magical place. At night, long after the city slept, I sat in their back yard in the dark, trusty glass at hand, and my mind and body open to all that is. I watched the moon and planets rise from the east, transversing the night skies until the wolf hours of the morning. My mother, bless her ancient old soul, always said I had way too much imagination for one person, and maybe she was right about that. I, however, do not believe that is so, mainly because of life experiences I have had. I digress - while sitting there in the dark one evening, I had an experience that I really prefer not to share, but let me say it was one of beauty and wonder. Out of that experience came the image of the darling little elven girl you see here. I have carried her with me in mind's eye for quite some time now, and have been driven to reproduce her. You see the results here. It is only a beginning. She has no name - at least not yet, anyway. I know she has a purpose for being revealed to me. My DIL Sara is pregnant, approaching third trimester. I like to think that this lovely little lady was revealed to me as the unborn child's protector in ways I cannot fathom. This new little granddaughter will be a special person to me, and she needs a special protector for other reasons I don't wish to reveal. Perhaps, in an old man's fancy, this lovely elven girl was revealed to me to let me know that things will be okay. Stranger things have happened in my life... Peace, Charlie~

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