Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Namaste Liberty. There Is Only One Humanity. We are sending a voice, speaking truth to power.  Life is liberty. Authority is violence. Blind obedience to  criminal lawmakers is insanity. We are not born on this Earth  to support murder, destruction and obscene corruption. We are  refusing to support the organized crime of nuclear-armed  corporate warfare States.ÊWe declare our birthright to live in a  sacred manner, worthy of the human being. We shall be free,  that mankind may live by love and reason, with a  universal ethic of kindness.

This work is dedicated as a labor of love to the great wisdom teachers who have left their footprints across trackless eternity and to the others who, like Mohandas K. Gandhi, have given their lives to show us how.

We aspire to a world community without enemy, without war. Man is not enemy of man except through lies of the State and State of the lie. Once violence is chosen as method, falsehood becomes principle. Our direct eyewitness experience shows that the State owes its existence to violence, and maintains itself by lies, coercion, and war.

Stateless society is essentially need-based, and not greed-based. It is essentially self-protecting and self-regulating, without institutionalized compulsion. So we are not going to be governed, knowing that to be governed is to be coerced and violated. We shall govern ourselves.

We must evolve to a higher level of consciousness, or die out on a wasted earth. We hold that Liberty with self-rule is a better way to that peace which is so essential for survival of the human species.

The battle is for the mind of man. The path is made by walking. We are taking steps. These words mark our footprints. We try to live by respect for life. We strive for a life that harms none.

We are declaring our birthright of individual liberty, free of State coercion. Our right to life includes the right to respect the lives of others, for we cannot live without society. Respect for life demands the right of non-cooperation in the tax-financing of State murder. We are advocates of non-political means to achieve freedom. We shall be free.

We feel that mankind is facing a moral and spiritual crisis, of which ecological, social and political problems are but symtoms of a deeper cause. We are working for solutions. We welcome ideas and participation. May you live long, live free.

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