Monday, October 27, 2008

I Voted for Ralph Nader today

And it really bugs me that one of the symptoms of taking an anti-depressant is thoughts of suicide... And it also bugs me that Ralph Nader or his campaign staff never answered my question to them...which was: What is an "official" link, besides the defunct AP link that there was ever a goole debate scheduled this campaign "season" and that Ralph was the only one to agree to show there... However..although Gloria La Riva spent her own time to care for storm victims this year, and Eugen Puryear wrote a kick ass article on Obama...I felt more of a connection with Ralph..and I met each of them during the same weekend at the Peace and Freedom Party..which is a rarity in itself..but Ralph's soul was felt when we connected eyes..and Gloria..well..without specifics she had two things that didn't appeal to me in the end...Ralph is elder..PSL began in 2004....I mean there could technically be one party for every platform statement in existence; Ralph has finally transcended Party affiliation this election time, and that is admirable to me. And he works for the common good in the majority of endeavors in his life. I appreciate his service to myself and the other humans...

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