Thursday, October 02, 2008

Left Out of Debates, Nader Campaign Marches On

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Tonight as Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Sarah Palin gear up for the Vice Presidential debates, third party VPs will be left out. Certainly the Peace and Freedom Party’s Matt Gonzalez, or the Green Party’s Rosa Clemente, have not been invited to participate. Last week, on the same day that Barack Obama and John McCain debated one another, the Peace and Freedom Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader was here in Southern California, addressing crowds of supporters. He spoke at the University of Southern California earlier in the day and addressed many of the issues that the candidates were not asked, would not touch if asked, and if they did address, would take very different positions from Mr. Nader. Global Voices for Justice was there and recorded the entire speech along with the questions that followed. Today we bring you Ralph Nader, Peace and Freedom Party candidate for President.

GUEST: Ralph Nader, Peace and Freedom Party candidate for President

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