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Tuesday, September 30, 2008
For more information, please contact:
Brian Moore (352) 686-9936 -- cell (352) 585-2907
Darcy Richardson, 904-874-2855
Iowa Officials, Gracious in Accepting Affidavits, Now Know Candidate Was Telling the Truth
Federal Appeals Court Denies Socialists Ballot Access in Louisiana and Mississippi--- Moore/Alexander Ticket Await Related Supreme Court Decision on Other Political Party
Des Moines, Iowa, Tuesday, September 30, 2008: Sarah G. Reisetter, Elections Director of the Iowa Secretary of State's Office, e-mailed Socialist Party presidential candidate Brian Moore today indicating that his original statement of candidacy, postmarked August 11, 2008, arrived in the Iowa Secretary of State's office seven weeks later, on September 29, 2008.
Ms. Reisetter reported that Moore's statement of candidacy arrived with a letter from the United States Postal Service stating "Enclosed please find damaged and loose articles that were in a fire due to an accident during transportation. We sincerely regret the damage done to your mail during handling by the Postal Service......"
The postal service also concluded in its' note that "this was a rare accident." They hoped the state officials would understand and apologized.
The Socialist candidate said of the Iowa state officials, "They were gracious in accepting my affidavits in August, attesting that I mailed the necessary documents to their offices on time----now they know I was telling the truth."
Moore reported that Iowa Elections Director Sarah Reisetter concluded her note to Moore today by stating "The affidavit [of Moore's candidacy] itself is water damaged and charred around its edges."
The Moore / Stewart Alexander campaign was also informed by its attorney, Mark R. Brown, a law professor at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, that "The 5th Circuit [Federal Appeals court] today refused to put you on the Mississippi ballot." Attorney Brown advised Moore that all they can do is wait and hope for the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene on the Libertarian Party's lawsuit related to both political parties' ballot access efforts in Louisiana several weeks ago. Moore hopes for an affirmative decision by the highest court in the land and then use the Libertarians fortunes to "ask for reconsideration" from the Fifth Circuit again for both Mississippi and Louisiana ballot decisions.
The Socialist ticket is already on eight states (Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Wisconsin, Vermont, New Jersey, Iowa and Tennessee). So far they have qualified as "write-in" candidates in the states of Michigan, Texas, North Carolina and Indiana. They are applying to 15 other states for "write-in" status as well.

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