Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saved by a Pendulum, by Maxi Cohen

High anxiety decision making, so blown out of your own mind or body that you cannot discern? Or maybe just wondering what's better for me: the red pill or the blue one, the steak or the lobster, the house in the mountains or the trip to Peru? Need help? Can't reach your shrink, psychic, best friend, and you really wanna know what's in your best interest without the filter of everyone else? Use a pendulum.

As the pace of life quickens, we often find ourselves overwhelmed with indecision and confronted by difficult choices. Could a hobby become a viable career? Is now a good time to sell those stock options? Is he the One? The answers to these questions often reside in our subconscious, waiting for a boosted confidence level to converge with opportunity.

I am a Libra. A double Libra. Ascending, descending. I don't know astrology; all I know is what it feels like to weigh the scales to the point of making all things equal. I can see the many facets of all choices, the positives and negatives, until I am in Buddhist state of equanimity. As valuable as this can be, I know what it feels like to fall into a frozen state of indecisiveness. The pendulum has saved me from the agony of decision-making by giving me a visceral demonstration of what's in my highest interest.

What's a pendulum?

Any weight hanging on a string, though you can get a beauty at the new age book store and there's a pendulum in my kits: THE ART OF THE PENDULUM or the POCKET PENDULUM available at Barnes and Noble, Borders, and other stores.

My brother, the lawyer, admires that I have made commerce out of a flaw, but considers working with the pendulum a charade and if not, well then it's cheating. However, if you work with the pendulum, what you discover is rather amazing. In a store filled with remedies, I can run the pendulum over a hundred bottles and the pendulum will choose what I need. I don't even have to read the labels. How is it that the pendulum would say no to most everything, but to one or two solutions? When I realize what the pendulum has chosen, it is exactly what I need.

In fact, my medical doctor, the one who's published a book, uses the pendulum for diagnosis and to choose remedies for treatment, as does a celebrated naturopath I know.

When my brother had his lawyer buddies over and they stood around mocking me about the pendulum, one decided to try it and to his amazement it immediately responded to his questions in a way he knew to be totally accurate. The whole argument went from "objection" to "case dismissed."

How do you use a pendulum?

Easy enough. Center yourself. Focus. Hold the pendulum in front of you and ask it to show you which way is the direction of yes and see which direction it moves in. Then ask it which is the direction of no. Then get very quiet and ask your question. You have to ask it without any mental interference. I know it's a challenge and for some the hardest part. Just breathe, you can do it. It is as simple as asking for a cup of coffee. It is important that you don't get invested in the outcome. If this is the case, you should remember the answer may be clouded by your personal investment. If you are quiet, the pendulum will tell you what's in your highest interest.

Before you start, it's best to test your ability with things you know to be true. "My name is Sandra." Does it go in the direction of "yes" or "no?" Then ask "is my name Maxi," or whatever your name is. Say, "I live at so and so address" or "I am a woman." And see if you get consistently correct answers to those basic questions. If not take a break.

You can't ask prophetic questions like "Will I be happily married?" You can only ask questions about right now. Example, "Is it in my highest interest to marry Larry?" It's extremely important how you ask the question, because the subconscious mind listens very carefully. Word things specifically. The pendulum is a be-here-now kind of friend.

Sometimes, you may have the feeling that there are questions you should not ask. You can reconcile that by asking, "Do I have permission to ask this question now?"

Your questions have to be in the present, and be able to answered by "yes" or "no." You can not ask why of your pendulum. However, you can ask multiple-choice questions or determine the value of something. An easy way to do this is to use my kits.

Commercial break:

THE ART OF THE PENDULUM contains a pendulum, 12 beautiful art cards that enable multiple and easy uses with your pendulum and a booklet that explains how to use the pendulum in depth. The POCKET PENDULUM contains a pendulum, 4 cards, and a booklet. It's great for carrying with you. The cards are images that can be used on your altar for contemplation or to use with the pendulum to demonstrate your inner wisdom as well as answer issues one has about timing -- when to do something; relationships -- what is really going on; where is my idea originating from -- ego or divine guidance; or resolve a dilemma when you're faced with many choices.

How does the pendulum work?

We often have all the information we need inside of us, but we don't always have access to it. The pendulum demonstrates before our eyes what's in our subconscious mind and what's in our best interest. I have read the research and there are many theories, but no one knows for sure. Even Albert Einstein who used it could not explain why or how it worked.

Who uses it?

When King Solomon visited the Queen of Sheba, he used a pendulum to find water along the way. Cleopatra and her dowsers used it to find gold. The Peruvians, Chinese, Hindus, and various other cultures have used a form of dowsing to find things. The Vatican employed a monk in the Middle Ages to find treasures that were missing using a pendulum. Our armed forces used it in the Vietnam War to locate landmines. Other great examples can be traced to corporations looking for resources, Nobel Prize winners, bonafide medical doctors, naturopaths, and acupuncturists.


There are many times that I receive answers from the pendulum that are oppositional to what I'm thinking. When it comes to an important issue, I have wondered if I should listen to the pendulum or my mind. (Sometimes I check by using the Divining Guidance card in THE ART OF THE PENDULUM, which has two choices: God or Ego with the question Who's Speaking? I check where is this advice coming from.) Professionals who use the pendulum say always trust what it tells you. By listening to it or not, I have found that to be true. However, you have to use it with respect, meaning that you cannot ask the same questions over and over again.

My own experiments of proof

I was introduced to a potential film investor. On the phone we got along great and I thought, here's my next best friend. I asked the pendulum about working with her and it said no, which made little sense. A week later I asked again and got the same answer. I asked more questions: "Is she professional?" "Is she trustworthy?" and kept getting negative answers. A few months later the potential investor flew me to LA to meet, providing a great opportunity to test the accuracy of the pendulum. As it turned out, my mind and intuition was wrong! The pendulum was right. (I was concerned that I did not have good intuition, but the Jungian psychologist Dr. James Hillman says your intuition is correct only 50% of the time.)

A friend, who was certain she knew what was in my best interest, sat across from me and silently asked herself questions about me. I held the pendulum and watched in awe. It would swing in the direction of yes and then stop. Then it would start up again, moving to yes or no, stop and continue. I had no control or influence over her questions. When she told me the answers she got for her questions, they resonated for me, despite opposing her suppositions.

You can always check your answer by consulting another form of divination that you know: the I Ching, or the Runes, muscle testing or the Tarot. You can also check how the answer feels in your body. You can trust your body.

When I haven't trusted the pendulum, when I have done the opposite of the guidance, I have still found the pendulum to be accurate. It's in your best interest not to tempt fate.

How to choose between the red pill and the blue pill?

Many years ago, I was sensitive and had allergic reactions to almost everything I ate. A health care practitioner taught me to put the pendulum over a particular supplement and ask if I needed it. I would get a yes response or a no. I would also put the pendulum in the middle of several supplement bottles and ask it which one to take first, and then which after that, and the pendulum would show me the order.

You can do this with food as well. I have a friend who picks golf clubs this way. I know someone who does this with dates on the Internet with good result.

What do you do when you need guidance and it's too public a place to be caught using a pendulum?

Use your body as a pendulum. There is a discrete way, but I'm not telling. God forbid you meet me in public.

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