Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Smackdown for Mister "More and Better Dems" himself....KOS

[Thanks to ghettodefender for this link] Markos: Kucinich speaks for us. Does he speak for you?

Tue Oct 28, 2008 at 10:51:41 AM PDT

There Markos goes again. Insulting and hating on Kucinich:

Here's what too many people still don't understand -- there's nothing loony about the netroots. This isn't fertile territory for the McKinneys and Kuciniches of our party.

Markos, are you trying to say that this blog is not fertile territory for:

- Holding our elected representatives responsible for their actions, up to and including impeachment where warranted by law? - Abolition of nuclear weapons - Doing not just something, but enough, to actually stop global warming based on a Global Green New Deal - Labeling genetically modified food

(more on the flip)

Hopefully, most folks read Dennis' detailed policy proposals while he was running for President. They were far more progressive than the other candidates', including Obama, Edwards, and Clinton.

Many of Kunicich's positions are much better than Obama's. Unlike Obama, Kucinich is not a sycophant for the nuclear power industry, and has never embraced the lunacy of "Clean Coal" like Obama has.

Dennis was the only candidate who has called for the full repeal of NAFTA, which has devastated communities on both sides of the border.

Dennis was the only candidate who has demanded we hold our elected officials accountable for their lawbreaking actions.

Dennis was the only candidate who had a plan to stop global warming, not just "do something" without doing enough.

(Obama's current plan is totally inadequate - the emission cuts are not enough; under the Obama plan, our coastlines will be flooded, unfortunately. Let's hope he drastically overhauls the plan when he's elected.)

Markos: why do you hate Dennis Kucinich?

We didn't rally around Webb, Tester, Schweitzer, Trauner, Brown, Massa, Burner and so many other moderate Democrats because they were little Kucinich clones,

"Little Kucinich clones"? Markos, don't you want to leave the ad hominem attacks to the Republicans?

Oh and how about this gem:

We are not the elites, we are America, and we're situated squarely in its ideological center.

Speak only for yourself, Markos. You might be America, like Stephen Colbert. I however - and I suspect, many likely - am a human being, whose ideology is not left, right, or center. My ideology is forward. I am a progressive. I believe in stopping climate change - really stopping it, not just pretending to - exiting from ruinous trade agreements, abolishing nuclear weapons, and holding elected officials accountable when they break the law.

I don't frankly give a shit what you or America or the media or the elite or the press thinks about any of these positions, ones that I believe in with every fiber of my being - and ones that are supported by scant few politicians, Dennis Kucinich being one. What matters to me is not whether these positions are popular, but that they are right.

I thought Markos was motivated by what's right not what's popular.

At one time, slavery was popular.

At one time, Jim Crow was popular.

At one time, the Iraq war was popular.

At one time, George W. Bush was popular.

We need politicians who will not simply advance positions that are supported by "America" and "The Center."

We need politicians who will stand up and tell the truth and propose policies that are right. And eventually, the people will support those policies.

That's what it means to be a progressive. And if Daily Kos is not fertile territory for that kind of politician, I hope someone will start a truly progressive blog.

. . .

Seems I've turned into a one-man "Kos hating on Kucinich" watchdog. Some of my past entries:

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Update 1: Some commenters say I have "disparaged" and "taken a dump" on Obama. I did no such thing. My comments above are legitimate and appropriate criticisms of Obama's policy positions. If we actually want to accomplish key progressive goals - like stopping Global Warming - we will have to pressure Obama to take much better positions on energy and the environment once he's in office. We will have a small handful of elected officials who will apply that pressure - Kucinich is one. My criticism of Obama was meant to highlight that even this blog's current standard bearer politician, the democratic nominee for President, is not taking good enough positions... so is this blog going to be "fertile territory" for Kucinich and his ideas, or not? Without those ideas, how will we stop the seas from rising?

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