Saturday, October 04, 2008

Third Parties: The only safe investment

From: The following candidates were for dumping our tax-payer money into banks, and giving untold of leeway to Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson: Democrat Barack Obama Republican John McCain The following candidates were against the dumping of money, and made suggestions for completely different and better ways to address the problems due to the financial crisis: Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney Libertarian candidate Bob Barr Independent/Peace and Freedom Party candidate Ralph Nader. In conclusion: Third Parties are the only safe investment. Vote Third Party. If you are a progressive, or a genuine, fiscal conservative, you just LOST. The two major party candidates have the pleasure of serving in the Senate NOW, and what they did was vote against you, vote to give your money away. You don’t have a voice in this election, unless there is a third party on the platform. So, give a Third Party candidate a chance, make a donation. Get that alternative view into the public discourse, give a Third Party candidate some money. Third Parties: The only good way to invest your money NOW.

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