Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Impressive first day, yeah.

But DUDE! Let's not forget this shit:

Best case: He took to heart Bobby Seale's book SEIZE THE TIME, which features the exhortation "Use what you got to get what you need."

Hey Alice -
More house clutter on the way for you, carried by USPO couriers ("Neither snow nor rain not dark of night . . . "")
Yes, I hear you....

I think I have transformed to the point that I can't really be my regular happy self anymore since I started blogging in 2004...I used to be A. HAPPY, B. FUN LOVING, C. SPIRITUALLY ALIGNED....

Then as time would go by I go the impression from other bloggers that I was not being a responsible citizen by being so happy, fun loving etc...

So I chose my own paths to follow in politics - South and Central America. Then domestically to third parties.

Well...for some reason I have lost those parts of me that I used to enjoy and enjoy sharing...

In conclusion, I think it's time for me to leave that blog.

I'll be here and on email and IM should you want to find me.. :)


p.s. looking forward to the clutter....
We hear you too.
You'll be missed on The Blog.
We're somewhat disenchanted also with some of those "realists" over there.
The hell with anybody who has a problem with "being happy, fun loving etc. . . . "
We believe we are here to have fun ("the one thing that money can't buy").
Love is all you need,
T (snoring rhythmically) & A - and Little Kitty (purring rhythmically)
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