Monday, January 05, 2009


This is a drawing made by a spirit (called Meelin) and a physical human being in 1995. It's of my husband and I in the last life we were together app. 1660 - 1727.....we are kids in this drawing...I'm the one on the ground.

Hey Alice!
Where were you in the 17th century? Our seer, Elaine, says Treebu & I were in France; I was stabbed to death in a duel. Nice, huh?
Have you done hypnosis for past-life regression? Remarkable!
- xo
T&A on the verge of tears because we leave Baja/paradise tomorrow bound for the freezing northeast.
Welcome Home!

Wales in that drawing...Vienna at the time of our demise...

Now, who could stab a love like you..I don't care what life we're talking... ?

Never done hypnosis. And I should mention that P is the one who was the person I mentioned in my post who brought through' Meelin (the artist/spirit)...

Cuz he's "weird" like that... ;)

I hope your homecoming is a quick settle and not too terribly tragic for you both....

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