Saturday, January 31, 2009

General Federation of Trade Unions of Palestine denouncing the Israeli arrest of Palestinians

From: Saturday, January 31 2009 @ 09:21 AM CST Middle East General Federation of Trade Unions of Palestine denouncing the Israeli occupation forces arrested 334 Palestinian workers in Israel. Shaher Saad expressed the Secretary-General of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Palestine for the censure and condemnation of the Israeli occupation forces arrested more than 334 Palestinian workers working inside the Green Line, saying it is a flagrant violation of the rights of Palestinian workers who are trying to secure a living for themselves and their families under the strict closures and siege Israeli authorities imposed on the West Bank and Gaza Strip. And the Voice of Israel Radio reported this morning that the Israeli occupation forces arrested during the last week of at least 334 Palestinians working inside Israel the pretext of their stay there without permits, a phrase used by the Israeli police to justify prosecutions and aggression on Palestinian workers, arresting and sentencing them to high fines. Saad said that the arrest of Palestinian workers inside the Green Line is a violation of human rights and a violation of the laws and international conventions, which the occupation authorities bear the responsibility to ensure the right of workers to work in safe conditions to secure the requirements of his family, he said, adding that the occupation authorities closed the Palestinian territories and surrounded by the separation wall and the adoption of Racial bear full responsibility for the outcome of the conditions of our workers in the occupied Palestinian territories. Thus, these punitive measures depriving Palestinian workers of employment opportunities and lead to a lifting of poverty and unemployment rates already high in the Palestinian society, which have resulted in a lot of human tragedy and suffering as a result of these arbitrary measures. Saad noted that the General Federation of Trade Unions of Palestine will go to international organizations as the International Labor Organization and the International Federation of Free Trade Unions and friendly to expose these practices, the right of our workers, and to reaffirm their right to work and decent living and to stop these inhumane practices against them through the organization of an international campaign of solidarity with the Palestinian Workers who have suffered for long years of vicious Israeli prosecution and the denial of the right to work.

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