Friday, January 30, 2009

Ken Blackwell Loses Bid to be Republican National Chair

From: January 30th, 2009 On January 30, the Republican National Committee chose Michael Steele of Maryland to be its new national chair. One of the other candidates for chair, Ken Blackwell, dropped out and endorsed Steele after placing last in the fourth ballot. Blackwell, a former Ohio Secretary of State, behaved with hostility toward minor parties and independent candidates while he was Secretary of State in 2003 and 2004. In late 2003, he rejected the Ohio Libertarian Party’s petition because the wording on the petition changed while the party was conducting its petition. When the party started its petition, the petition was supposed to say, “The penalty for election falsification is imprisonment for not more than 6 months or a fine of not more than $1,000 or both.” During the drive, the state changed the petition so that it said instead, “Whoever commits election falsification is guilty of a felony of the 5th degree.” The party didn’t know about the wording change, and was shocked when it submitted the petition and Blackwell rejected it because of the wording. In 2004, Blackwell rejected Ralph Nader’s independent petition because most of the signatures had been collected by people that perhaps were domiciled outside Ohio (although this was never resolved). At approximately the same time Blackwell rejected Nader’s petition, he waived the rules to allow an initiative petition to appear on the ballot even though its circulators had not been domiciled in Ohio. Blackwell’s behavior kept Nader off the 2004 ballot, and kept the Libertarian Party off the 2004 ballot (although it qualified its presidential candidate as an independent). However, after the 2004 election was over, courts struck down the Ohio procedure for new parties to qualify, and struck down the Ohio law barring out-of-state circulators from working on an independent candidate petition, so Blackwell’s behavior was ultimately good for ballot access.

Too bad.
If the RNC is anything like the DNC, the chairship is pretty much a chasm of impotence. Look what happened to Howard Dean, who'd been a kick-ass and effective governor for ten years, and was the first office-holder to shout (upwind into the corporate media gales) that the Bush administration, war on terror and all, was a destructive bucket of crap.
When Dean was chair of the DNC, Worm Emanuel had the boys beat him up for pushing his 50-state strategy rather than Emanuel's DLC gang Suck Up to the Corporate Buck strategy.
Here's hoping Dean recovers from those shackles and takes on this so-far too conciliatory, overcautious still-on-the-campaign-trail regime.
Sleep tight.
I agree...

It's those fuck-ass-ho-dembots you have to convince...

Sweet Dreams...
OH and WOW

I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT CD of you guys!

That first song treebue sings - I LOVE IT!

I think bibimimi would love it too...would it be ok with you if I let her have it too? Or no?

Yeah - I totally love "Broken Rubber Babies" too.
The immediate story behind the construction is this [switch to dramatic present tense]: In a moment of friendly chatter in the apartment she shares with her billiard-bald boyfriend -the stunning blonde Teresa - only 24 years old - timidly shows Arch - the fucking Berklee guitarist/composition graduate - this poem she's written in a spiral-bound notebook.
Despite the loud music (probably the Pretenders' first album) Arch devours it with his eyes (and mind's ear), and by the time he gets to the bottom of the page, he's knows everything about the music part. It's just a matter of getting back to his acoustic guitar - in his uptown apartment - and figuring out what key it's in.
We did.
We had no clue (or possibly permission) that we were falling in love. Took twenty-five years to regain that scent.
I think it's fine to share that song with bibimini; I forwarded the email version of your reply comment to Teresa. I'm pretty sure she'll say it's fine, and I think she'll be delighted. But hang on. Let her say.
Sorry if I crapped on (and on)
ellwort & treebu
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