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Society For Worldwide Herb Smokers: Please drop by and say “High”


Posted by BuelahMan on January 30, 2009

I found this article at the Society For Worldwide Herb Smokers blog, via my Ralph Nader News Alert feed and just felt as if I needed to add it here. In my opinion, it is high time (pun intended) that we get to the skinny of marijuana truth in this country. It is time to realize that Power Brokers who control Big Money (Big Prison, etc) will do anything to scare you into NOT buying something that is competitive to their product.

It is so pitifully clear to even a casual observer (one doesn’t have to be a user to understand this) that marijuana is not the horror drug we were brainwashed into believing. It is FAR safer than its competitive product in society (alcohol and tobacco) and should be made legal for a variety of reasons. As a matter of fact, the subject that caused me to look at the blog was Ralph and he plainly lets the world know the truth.

Please give this blog a visit and quick read. Good stuff related to this subject matter:

Drug War A Conspiracy Theory?

A simple conversation could become heated when the subject of legalizing ganja came up. A realization occurred: because of common misconceptions of ganja and its users, many people strongly oppose the idea of legalization. Without knowing the facts, people do not understand why this is not such a bad idea.

Through legalization, the government can regulate ganja use and production to make it safer for the consumers as well as make a profit off of its sales.

Ganja is derived from the cannabis sativa plant and its main component is THC. THC causes a reaction in the brain that stimulates a mood of euphoria. This stimulation can also by caused by eating chocolate, a completely legal activity.

Ganja use continues to be a growing trend in the U.S. and the rest of the world including Malaysia. To dispel the common “gateway drug” myth, statistics from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services show that the majority of people who smoke ganja do not use any other illicit substance.

With this growing trend, the money that could be made off of a government tax on the sale of ganja is incredible. Right now, drug enforcement programs are a drain on the national budget while making no profit to pull funds from. By legalizing ganja, the money made from it could go to support these expensive programs.

To be deadly, a person would have to consume more than 70 grams of pure THC. The chances of having deadly outcomes from alcohol consumption or legal drug use are much more attainable. Why then are these substances are regulated by the government and ganja is seen as so wrong?

By outlawing ganja, the government is also hurting the economy. Ganja is not the only thing derived from the cannabis plant but the hemp fiber is also. Hemp is extremely durable and can withstand rotting due to seawater.

This durable hemp fabric can be used as a cotton alternative. The reason why this is such a great alternative is because hemp is naturally resistant to pests, therefore no pesticides would need to be used to make cotton products. Cotton production is responsible for half of the world’s toxic pesticide use.

Another use for hemp is as a paper and plastic alternative. Normally, trees are used to produce paper and plastic products. Where it takes trees years and years to grow back, hemp can be cultivated every 100 days. Also, it takes less hemp to produce the same amount of products that trees can. One acre of hemp produces the same amount of resources that would take four acres of trees to do.

With these economically beneficial uses of the cannabis plant, the profit from the drug venue, and the safety of the consumers through ganja regulation by the government, why is legalization such a bad idea? Simply because the alcohol companies fear a loss in their sales if ganja was legalized. The reason this movement is so opposed is due to an uninformed public and misconceptions.

Ralph Nader put it best when he stated the following:

Annual drug deaths: Tobacco: 395,000 Alcohol: 125,000 Legal drugs: 38,000 Illegal drug overdoses: 5,200 Ganja: 0

Considering government subsidies of tobacco, just what is the U.S. government protecting their citizens from in the DRUG WAR?

I found your site and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good and useful articles. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you!
Hi cindy!

I just find things and repost them here...and every now and then I write some snarky comment at the top....Thanks for writing! Have a great week!

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