Monday, February 09, 2009

Abducted engineer beheaded in Pakistan

2009-02-09, 15:35
Foreign Affairs Minister Radosław Sikorski has confirmed the authenticity of the footage showing the execution of the Polish geologist abducted by the Taliban.

The material, released by the abductors last evening, has reached the Polish Embassy in Islamabad and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to a spokesman for Taliban militants, the body of the killed Pole would not be handed over until some captured Taliban were freed. Other reports suggest that the Taliban demanded an equivalent of 2,500 dollars in exchange for the body. Meanwhile, unofficial reports stating that the body of the killed hostage has been found remain unconfirmed as yet, said the head of the Polish diplomacy during a press conference. He has assured that the government had done everything in their power to rescue the Polish engineer.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk has expressed solidarity with members of the abducted Pole’s family. Mr Tusk said that in his view the Polish government has undertaken all possible measures to secure the release of the hostage.

Piotr Stanczak, worked for the Geofizyka oil and gas exploration company. He was abducted on 28 September 2008 in northern Pakistan, 200 km west of Islamabad. A few days after the kidnapping, he appeared in a video appealing for the release of Taliban militants.

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