Friday, February 06, 2009

BOYCOTT KELLOGGS for being so uninformed and plain old STUPID

[Once again, outrageous, reactionary, negligent stupidity. The U.S. Government can slaughter other humans, occupy other countries, torture, steal, lie, etc....But god forbid an adult smoke marijuana.] From: Kelloggs Drops Michael Phelps for Smoking Pot

Pot advocates unite! Tell Kellogg Company and USA Swimming that you're disgusted by their spurning of Michael Phelps. Phelps wasn't flaunting pot in public. His privacy was wrongly invaded. No one tried to sanction him when he was busted for drunken driving. Tell Kellogg and USA Swim that anti-pot bigotry is unacceptable to the millions of Americans who value the right to use marijuana. We can thank Hilton Hotels, Omega watches, Speedo swimsuits, and VISA for keeping Phelps as an endorser.

Kellogg Company contacts: Consumer complaints Kellogg Company, P.O. Box CAMB, Battle Creek, Michigan 49016. Consumer Affairs Department 800-962-1413

Sample complaint: Shame on you for dropping Michael Phelps! Phelps did nothing wrong. He has a right to his private life. Champions should have the right to use marijuana if they want. Please know that your anti-pot bigotry is unacceptable to millions of consumers who value the right to use marijuana. If you don't think Phelps is fit to endorse your product, then your product isn't fit to grace my table. Having eaten your cereals for over half a century, I'm ready to look for better alternatives. - Dale Gieringer, Ph.D.

USA Swimming Contact: use on-line contact form or: 1 Olympic Plaza Colorado Springs, CO 80909 Phone: 719.866.4578 Fax: 719.866.4669

Kellogg's Brands: All-Bran(R) Apple Jacks(R) Complete(R) Kellogg's Corn Flakes(R) Cracklin' Oat Bran(R) Crispix(R) Crunch™ Crunchy Blends(R) Eggo(R) Cereal Froot Loops(R) Frosted Flakes(R) Frosted Mini-Wheats(R) Fruit Harvest(R) Honey Smacks(R) Pops(R) Product 19(R) Kellogg's Raisin Bran(R) Rice Krispies(R) Smart Start(R) Special K(R)

Kashi GOLEAN(R) Organic Promise(R) Good Friends(R) Mighty BitesTM Heart to Heart(R) 7 Whole Grains

Pop-Tarts(R) Pop-Tarts(R) Toaster Pastries Kellogg's Go-Tarts!™

Snack Bars Kashi(R) Chewy Granola Bars Kashi(R) GOLEAN(R) Bars Kellogg's(R) Crunch™ Bars Kellogg's(R) Crunchy Nut™ Sweet & Salty Bars Kellogg's(R) Granola Munch'ems Rice Krispies Treats(R) Squares Special K(R) Bars

Breakfast Bars All-Bran™ Bars Nutri-Grain(R) Cereal Bars Nutri-Grain(R) Muffin Bars Nutri-Grain(R) Yogurt Bars

Fruit Flavored Snacks Fruit Steamers™ Fruit Twistables™ Kellogg's™ Yogos™

Fruit Leather Stretch Island(R) Fruit Leather

On-the-Go Snacks Gripz(R) Rite BitesTM

Keebler(R) Cookies Keebler(R) Cookies Chips Deluxe(R) Cookies E.L. Fudge(R) Cookies Fudge Shoppe(R) Cookies Golden Vanilla Wafers(R) Cookies Sandies(R) Cookies Soft Batch(R) Cookies Vienna Fingers(R) Cookies

Carr's(R) Carr's(R) Cookies

Famous Amos(R) Famous Amos(R) Cookies

Murray(R) Murray(R) Cookies Murray(R) Sugar Free Cookies

Keebler(R) Crackers Club(R) Crackers Gripz(R) Keebler(R) Grahams Munch'ems(R) Baked Snacks Town House(R) Crackers Wheatables(R) Crackers Toasteds(R) Crackers Zesta(R) Crackers

Austin(R) Austin(R) Crackers

Carr's(R) Carr's(R) Crackers

SunshineTM Cheez-It(R) Crackers Sunshine Krispy(R) Crackers

Kashi(R) Kashi(R) TLCTM Crackers

Natural Worthington(R) Loma Linda(R)

Organic Morningstar Farms(R) Organic

Frozen Eggo(R) Kashi GOLEAN Waffles Morningstar Farms(R)

Keebler(R) Graham Crackers Crumbs Keebler(R) Cones Ready Crust(R) Pie Crust Kellogg's(R) Stuffing Mix Kellogg's(R) Corn Flake Crumbs

Treebu's on the case. She went to the Kellogg promo page and filled in the boxes to leave a complaint regarding the promo "Michael Phelps" with regard to the product "Frosted Flakes."
She's so cool.
Jeez! You'd think some overpaid DemographicDude market research person would dig up the sales graphics from the early 70s (& late 60s) and draw some comparative correlations.
But first Mr DemographicDude should just fire up a J-bar and ponder the picture for awhile, maybe.
That is way cool....

I cannot believe how lame...I wish Phelps had just said - Yeah I did, and kiss my ass...


Well, now I feel inclined to eat some cornsyrup food at (*gag*) Subway. Just to encourage its fidelity to - somthing.
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