Monday, February 09, 2009

A Call to Action - Ralph Nader speaks at Westfield State College

From: February 9, 2009


The New York Times Book Review stated that Ralph Nader’s book, The Good Fight, is fundamentally a call to action. Last week when I attended Ralph Nader’s talk at Westfield State College I understood why. His first point is that we do not expect/demand enough of our government; we should ask for more. Why sit back and not ask? One concept was to teach civic citizen classes as he sees a decline in understanding or caring. He went on to discuss ‘community economic self-reliance’ - “let’s put some meaning into community,” he stated.

His community economic self-reliance words produced a large shoutout to credit unions and discussed their importance as cooperatives of the people. And, then he gave the example of the Schumacher Society and BerkShares, another very interesting concept.

I can’t write here the passion in his talk but from the few sentences above, I think you get his message. He believes we have been brought to “ouch”, yes, I think we are all feeling that pain; and believes that more of us need “fire in our bellies” so we can deter “ouch” in the future!

Greg Bates
Publisher: Common Courage Press
PubDate: 1/1/2004
ISBN: 9781567513165
Price: $9.95
Cultural Writing. Why is Ralph running? What is he doing to his legacy, to his causes--to his country? And what are his potential voters doing? Why can't they think strategically and vote out the worst president ever? Whether for or against his run, everyone wants the answers. RALPH'S REVOLT makes an argument that goes beyond Nader's platform to reveal not just what he stands for but why running makes sense--for justice, for the Democrats, and for the country.
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