Sunday, February 01, 2009

Each soul creates their own reality, no exception.

Before children are acquainted with conventional ideas of guilt and punishment, they realize that it is easier to bring about good events, through wishing, than it is to bring about unhappy ones. The child carries with him (or her) the impetus and supporting energy provided him at birth from Framework 2, and he knows intuitively that desires conducive to his development "happen" easier than those that are not. His natural impulses naturally lead him toward the development of his body and mind, and he is aware of a cushioning effect and support as he acts in accordance with those inner impulses. The child is innately honest. When he gets sick he intuitively knows the reason why, and he knows quite well that he brought about the illness. Parents and physicians believe, instead, that the child is a victim, ill for no personal reason, but indisposed because of elements attacking him-- either the outside environment, or something working against him from within." -Random Seth Quote

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