Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fancy Nancy

From my friend Goldfish @ Crest of the Hill Blog ...
Nancy Pelosi sits by the fire as if she lit the match. Stands up and claps at the all too obvious, too much. Poor Biden has to get up with her. The gaffe machine's knee's are weak! The vice emperor has no clothes. I voted for's a shame the Republicans want to ruin him in spite of our nation. Fancy Nancy and her famalia own a tuna fish processing plant. Shhh...nobody knows about it. I have been there and spent more time there than she has. It's located in American Samoa. The locals in AS make about $4.00 an hour. What's worse is that Charlie Tuna drags workers from Samoa which is not a U.S. territory to work there. They are paid $2.50 an hour. When I met with the workers they smelled of fish was in there pores and the gums of their mouths. The island of AS cannot be utilized for tourism because all of the fish guts that are thrown away into the harbors attract sharks. Nobody can use the beaches. The corruption is rampant there! The only prosperous business is one McDonalds and the churches of numerous in cash. There is a mandatory "tithing" plus donation policy in every community. A funny story on the lone McDonalds is that they had a special called the "Hunger Buster"....consisted of a Big Mac, 1/4 Pounder and large fries and a drink. I think it was $7.50? I love the Samoan people and their culture. They were gracious to me. I oppose Pelosi and her smarmy smile. She is a slave labor baroness. Look into it. There is no media outlet to send this to. There is no centrist's one or the other, and we're screwed. The country is run by J.P. Morgan, Rothschildes and Rupurt Murdoch. Did you know the Federal Reserve is not a U.S. government entity? It's run by ten member banks that are privately owned, guess who they are? More to follow...........

February 27 - March 1, 2009

CounterPunch Diary

Is Nancy Pelosi Really Against War Crimes?


Is it even remotely possible that senior officials in the Bush administration - maybe even at least one of the top two - will be the target of public war crime hearings and even criminal prosecutions, here in the United States? From dismissal only a few months ago by leading Democrats in Washington as unthinkable, the glorious possibility can at least be glimpsed in the middle distance, like the mountain lion I saw here a decade ago in the twilight, loping off into the brush.

For the perps, overseas is already dangerous terrain. George W Bush's first defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, fled Paris a couple of years ago to avoid having to honor a subpoena from French investigators, replicating a similarly hasty exit from the French jurisdiction by former secretary of state Henry Kissinger.

For almost the entire four years of Bush's second term, one of the main campaigns of the left was to pressure the Democratic leadership to support impeachment proceedings against the president and vice-president. The posture of your CounterPunch editors was always that impeachment was never on the cards and consumed far too much energy, not to mention expectation. We always said that the realistic line should be to ensure that Bush, Cheney, Rice, Gonzales, Yoo and the others should spend the rest of their lives on the Most Wanted lists, afeared to answer a knock on the hotel room door in any foreign capital, lest it presage a lawyer with a subpoena or a pair of handcuffs.

Following regime change in Washington in January, the official tone in Washington remained anchored in “bygones be bygones” mode.

Senator Pat Leahy of Vermont has talked about a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which he claimed would instruct future transgressors that torture is just plain wrong and contrary to international laws and covenants. Maybe Leahy’s hogging of the torture-probe spotlight irked House Majority leader, Nancy Pelosi. Last Wednesday, February 25, Pelosi was interviewed for an hour by MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, who asked the top House Democrat what her reaction would be to any charges levelled at the Republicans who've now retreated to private life and are writing their memoirs.

Maddow: "If the US Justice Department's inspector general report that comes out this summer suggests that there has been criminal activity at the official level on issues like torture, or wireless wiretapping, or rendition, or any of these other issues..."

Pelosi: "No one is above the law. I think I have said that."

In active English, Pelosi's pious phraseology about no one being "above the law" translates into something like: "These guys are out of power and their popularity ratings are in the toilet so now it's safe at least to talk about turning the dogs on them." (more)
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