Friday, February 27, 2009

Go Janeane - Be yourself!

Thanks Alice.
We love Janeane! When we saw the Garofalo/Seder/Maron show in the CIty, she was brilliant (Maron took the Hilarity Prize, though), and she was kind enough chat affably with me after the show. She disowned her facebook fan page, saying she doesn't do anything on the computer and calling herself a "neo-luddite."
That is too cool!

I'm happy to know that she is kind enough to speak with people who admire her.. :)

*Can I touch you?*


Happy weekend you twos!

p.s. Just saw slumdog millionaire and almost couldn't stop crying - I know one thing that is more than 50% than you guys and we guys have in common.....

Give up?

Love that is written...
Just puzzling out how you figure the percentage.
Ahh - bed, T, and Sleeping Chinese Lady Tea await me.
WIth you all the way on Slumdog
Pleasant dreams
- A
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