Sunday, February 01, 2009

Prosecutor looks at ways to put Israeli officers on trial for Gaza WAR CRIMES

The International Criminal Court is exploring ways to prosecute Israeli commanders over alleged war crimes in Gaza.

The alleged crimes include the use of deadly white phosphorus in densely populated civilian areas, as revealed in an investigation by The Times last month. Israel initially denied using the controversial weapon, which causes horrific burns, but was forced later, in the face of mounting evidence, to admit to having deployed it.

When Palestinian groups petitioned the ICC this month, its prosecutor said that it was unable to take the case because it had no jurisdiction over Israel, a nonsignatory to the court. Now, however, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the ICC prosecutor, has told The Times that he is examining the case for Palestinian jurisdiction over alleged crimes committed in Gaza. ...

The ICC, the International Court of Justice, in the Hague, was set-up specifically to prosecute and bring to justice those responsible for the worst crimes - genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes - committed anywhere in the world. The court has been signed and ratified by over 100 countries globally, including the UK, Germany, France, Poland, Canada, Australia etc – although the US, Iran and Israel are amongst those who have signed but not yet ratified.

Notwithstanding this, if evidence is confirmed that the Israeli army deliberately or knowingly killed unarmed civilians, including hundreds of children and dozens of women – then the European Union should initiate steps to have arrest warrants issued against the two Israeli ministers responsible for the military action in Gaza, i.e. EHUD OLMERT and EHUD BARAK.

In such an eventuality, these two persons should be brought before the ICC to answer charges of war crimes against the people of Gaza. The fact that Israel has signed a comprehensive agreement of co-operation with the European Union, (the EU-Israel Association Agreement), gives the EU the right – and indeed the duty – to take action to bring any such persons suspected of war crimes before the World Court.

Apart from the potential war crimes issue and the possible issue of arrest warrants by the European Union against OLMERT and BARAK to appear before the International Criminal Court, in the Hague, there is the obvious question of Israel's financial liability to make good the criminal damage to Gaza by its troops. There would not appear to be any valid reason why the international community should pick up the tab for this latest Israeli offensive that has killed over 1300 Palestinians. In particular, American tax payers already give billions of dollars to support a state that kills at will. This surely cannot be acceptable by right-thinking, God-fearing people.
Hi Anonymous,

I agree. From what I have seen and read, there's no doubt in my mind they slaughtered people intentionally and using illegal tactics as well.

Thank you for your comment

Treebu touches on this in her post tonight on
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