Monday, February 16, 2009

Three questions from our Hopi Elders

Where is your water?

Where is your garden?

Where is your community?


The universe doesn’t care about fancy linguistics or belief systems.

The actuality of our human condition is this: There is no way around emotional cleansing. There is no one that can save us from this required inner work. There is no fancy machine that can do it for us. There is no councilor or facilitator or healer that can do it for us. There are no changes in political policy or religious addresses or shifts in the interest rate that impact this predicament by even 0.0001%. Only inner work accomplishes emotional integration.

In 2009 – those who do not have the capacity – and who have not already been doing the work to develop the capacity - to contain the exponentially increasing waves of the vibrational – shall commence equal and opposite exponentially accelerated self-destruction. Those who have eyes to see already real eyes this. Many will also fervently partake in the collective destruction of others.

2009 also contains within its frequency the strong possibility that many may still awaken in time to tend to their emotional responsibilities. However, the window of opportunity for the required organic unfolding of emotional development is fast closing.

In 2009 it shall become disturbingly apparent that it is no longer possible for the masses to sedate and control the authentic state of their emotional bodies. The rising vibrational impulses shall be too powerful for those who have not consciously practiced containment. These impulses shall override the hold pharmaceuticals, alcohol, cigarettes, and street drugs currently have as far as ‘masking the authenticity of our collective human emotional predicament’.

This sudden increase in random, outwardly-projected, destructive behavior of the masses is already increasingly obvious and has already been active-8-ed for all to witness in the most unexpected places. The wheels for this unfolding have already been ‘Greece-d’, one might say: One person is killed and millions riot in reaction – burning and destroying everything in their path.

In 2009 many will continue to face unemployment – but the riot police departments on planet earth will definitely not. On the contrary, they will offer great recruitment packages! Watch your local press for details and employment opportunities!

The only hope for humanity right now is that there are enough self-trained alchemists willing to open themselves up completely to feel and contain these escalating vibrational impulses. There are clearly no longer enough Indigenous Elders to accomplish this on our behalf.

2009 is time for us to ‘grow up’ and take our place at the table of planetary guardianship.

Many have been given all the necessary tools to approach the unfolding experiences upon our planet consciously. However, because of our trance state, many of us have foolishly viewed and used these tools in terms of ‘their efficiency in helping us to get what we want’ – as opposed to opening us up to develop the capacity ‘to receive what we require’.

‘What is actual’ is that most so-called ‘civilized humans’ no longer have the capacity to discern between a need, a want, or a requirement. Such capacity requires significant emotional development, and emotional development, like the growth of a flower, is an organic unfolding. It cannot be quickly organized by politicians, discounted on a summer sale by profiteers, or granted via absolution to congregations by priests. Those who are not already consciously developing themselves emotionally are unlikely to have the capacity to enter such inner workings.

Once the bulls are charging, the people in the street no longer have the luxury of deciding where in the crowd to position themselves.

The frequency of 2009 is akin to ‘the running of the bulls’. It is fun for those who consciously ‘show up’ and therefore ‘respond’ to the occasion – but horrific and devastating for those who suddenly awaken from their leisurely shopping spree in the midst of panicking masses.


This year is actively, through ongoing vibrational impulses, moving us toward required transformation. The key to this transformation is mastering the seeming conflict of opposites – or integration of opposing forces. Failure to integrate these seemingly opposing forces will for many not mean ‘transformation’ – but instead ‘transitioning’. As a ‘rapid’ makes or breaks a canoeist, this year makes or breaks us individually or collectively.

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