Monday, February 16, 2009

"What If?" - The Movie

Beyond the "If" Posted by:Jennifer Flynn

What if we are not victims of our genes? What if the greatest power in the universe is within you? What if aging is only a program we've learned that can be changed?" Filmmaker James Sinclair's new movie, What If, offers further insight into the realms of possibility of our mind's capacity to create our reality. Through interviews with experts in medicine, psychology, physics, and natural healing, What If explores means of challenging our own "programming." What If reminds us that our consciousness can change the way they live in the world.

Watch the trailer.


What If? The Movie World Wide Release Written by: Mercedes Grant
What If? The Movie is voraciously redefining society’s concepts of reality and perception by revealing individuals who are living without food, re-growing hair and teeth and self-healing life threatening illnesses.
As the Creator, Producer, Director and CEO of What If? The Movie and LWI Pictures, James A Sinclair designed the feature-length documentary with meticulous efforts being made to passionately and intricately deliver his vision of a film that would awaken people to the idea that we are all capable of unlocking and revealing the remarkable, extraordinary and truly unlimited potential within us.
By imparting the intention of this vision to every aspect of the film-making process, Sinclair was able to manifest and build an incredible team of individuals both creative and business oriented with whom to share and develop in his concept of the film. ...

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