Thursday, March 26, 2009

California Republicans Wanted to Let California Go Bankrupt for SELFISH ASSHOLE Reasons

Sen. Abel Maldonado, the Republican legislator who broke party ranks and was the deciding vote to break the state's budget stalemate, said some GOP leaders had urged him to "let California go bankrupt... let it fall of a cliff" in order to score partisan political points against Democrats. It was no secret that many of his fellow Republicans were angry when Maldonado voted for the budget deal - backed by Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and majority Democrats in the legislature - that raised some taxes. But for the first time, Maldonado spoke out to CBS 5 on Wednesday about what some Republicans wanted him to do. "Members within my caucus, in essence, were making the point 'Why vote for this? Why not make a point? Why not let the state just off a cliff?' In essence bankruptcy... just to prove a point," said Maldonado, of Santa Maria, in an interview at the statehouse. Maldonado indicated he was in disbelief at the suggestion from his GOP colleagues to put the state into bankruptcy. "I just couldn't believe that was coming out of the voices of some of my Republican caucus members within the party," he explained. Maldonado said his fellow Republicans thought the state going into bankruptcy would embarrass the Democrats, who controlled the majority in the California Legislature. ...

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