Saturday, March 07, 2009

"Nader [Nadir] Made Me Do This!,"

Collage by Tara Carreon, The Ralph Nader Library Librarian

Ralph Nader is the inspiration for, and not the creator of, this digital archive of public-benefit oriented media material. He was not consulted, asked for permission, or addressed as a source of guidance in the creation of this project, and for all we know, his publishing people don't like it. Though we would like it if they did, and sent us lots of archive material to share with the world. Because the story of Ralph's courageous and effective campaigns on behalf of public health, environmental safety, and consumer protection can stir the commitment of people at any stage in life. When we all pull together to change things, things change. That's Ralph's teaching, and this website is built to get it across.

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