Monday, March 23, 2009

Random Seth Quote

"At certain stages a state of dissociation is achieved with the indulgence of alcohol...In any state of dissociation any individual is more sensitive to inner data." The Early Sessions, Book 3 Session 103, Page 111-112

Hi, Alice.

"...In any state of dissociation any individual is more sensitive to inner data."

I wonder what SETH is implying.

I wonder what the implication of being more sensitive to inner data due to dissociation is.

Is this just SETH making a non-judgmental statement of fact?

Would this be something to avoid, or to explore at one's own risk?

I'm pretty sure that, at times, Jane Roberts drank beer and smoked cigarettes while she channeled SETH.


Thanks, Alice.



Sir Real
Hi Em,

I think you're right...I've never seen it in context or I don't remember anyway...

She did drink beer and smoke...

I think he is not saying to avoid it, but that a ...well actually I remember a quote that some spirits (haha) told us...A little wine keeps all in good spirits...something like that...

Anyway...I thought of you when I posted it... and figured you'd either see it not....

Love you,
Okay, well, hmmm...

Thanks for thinking of me, Alice.

I enjoyed pondering SETH's meaning.


It makes sense, but I don't think it is the ideal way to achieve that state of mind...

I know that it 'assisted' P into getting into his ability to channel in the past...

Now he does it without it....

Have a nice day, love,
Well, that's good to know, Alice.

I can only imagine what skill(s) I may lose, gain ... or continue with.

I'm gonna hope for the best, I guess.

Take care.


Sir Real
Oops. My son was signed in.


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