Friday, March 13, 2009

When Books Fly, by Jone Victoria

The Universe provides signs by offering distinctive directions, much like a GPS system, if you are aware and paying attention. Flying books are one of those signs.

The first time it happened to me I was in Yokefellows Bookstore in Framingham, MA. Leisurely pacing up and down an aisle, a book flew from the shelf and landed at my feet. I picked it up and just stared at the title, then shifted my eyes to the space where it had fallen from, then back to the title. It crossed my mind that someone on the other side of the aisle returned a book to its rightful place, which resulted in my book being rudely shoved on the floor. Examining the bookcase I discovered that the bookshelf had a solid back.

I placed the book back on the shelf and reconciled myself to the logical thought that it was probably sitting precariously on the edge and the vibration of my walking up the aisle had caused it to fall. As I continued searching other titles I heard a book fall again. Turning, I remember feeling sick in my stomach - it was the same book. I picked the book up and purchased it. The book was The Seth Material by Jane Roberts.

Throughout the years I purchased every book written by Jane Roberts, whose writing and insights stretched my belief system and exercised my mind like a Pilates class.

Books still fly at me, and I still question this rare occurrence. The location is not a factor. This phenomenon has happened to me in intimate little bookstores, where you can smell the dust and mold, as well as those known book chain stores that serve up overpriced croissants. I’ve yet to determine if my own energy causes the book to fall off the shelf, or there is some guiding intervention by a discarnate entity. When this experience happens, I feel my personal shopper is helping me make a decision on reading material that I, obviously am too stupid to select on my own.

I purchase whatever is thrown at me, due in most part, to a feeling of higher obligation that if I don’t accept this unseen gift of guidance the experience will somehow cease to happen.

Who has had books fly at them? And what did you do? Intuitive minds want to know………..

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