Thursday, April 02, 2009

Got two hours? Watch this. - by FilthyRIch

I have been seeing and researching and following global and domestic actions for the last decade or so and cannot discount much of this presentation. The term "New World Order" was (iirc) first spoken by FDR, although many might cite GHWB back in 1990. What is happening now BY DESIGN is nothing new, going back to the formation of the Tri-Lateral Commission, maybe even back to the Devil's Island creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

Watch This: The Obama Deception HQ Full length version @ youtube

Now, some may say "Ah heck it's Alex Jones and he's a whack job from way back" or "you're a freakin' libertarian pushing this 'NWO' crap that's been debunked". But, as Jones points out several times, GO CHECK THIS OUT FOR YOURSELF.

If you want to spend more time looking at the role of The Fed since its creation then check out SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE to get a sense of what The Fed is all about, especially since this "new" government is full of Wall St. types from end-to-end.

As liberals, we should be open to new ideas, so at least check this stuff out. We know about the domestic FEMA Kamps being erected by KBR and the surveillance cameras being installed by Boeing and the bogus no-fly lists the wiretapping Homeland Security apparatus has created and even the bio-chip technology being imbedded in our passports and the National ID they are pushing. So this is NOT out of the realm or made up of whole cloth.

So give it a watch and read and THINK FOR YOURSELF.

ps nora - thanks for the repost of my critique of The Atlantic's QUIET COUP. I have sent it in to The Atlantic (with some added comments). I doubt they'll post it but if they do I'll bring it over here.

Enjoy the Bread & Circuses!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog...........

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